1970's » 1976 COWDENBEATH



9 Lynne Berry 147 Doug Thompson 190 Andy Easton
32 James Paterson 148 Brian Stanners 192 Kenny Allen
46 Keith Jarman 149 George Smith 195 Andy Johnstone
76 N/A 150 Jimmy Blair 197 Stew Sneddon
91 Desmond Murphy 151 Bob Jones 199 George Chirray
101 Kenny Milne 155 William Gray 205 John Nash
102 Ronnie Burns 158 Thomas Allison 210 John Grierson
105 Bob Smith 160 Cluffy Crichton 214 Jimmy McAlpine
111 Malcolm McIntyre 161 Bill Shortreed 215 Alan McAlpine
112 William Thompson 163 James Walker 217 Ian Stewart
113 Robert Drummond 164 Derek Donaldson 219 James Gow
117 Hugh English 168 Alan McHattie 220 Willie Anderson
118 Johnny Davidson 169 Ian McHattie 222 Fraser Dunlop
120 Jimmy Forrest 170 James Cochrane 226 William Bauld
121 John Burns 171 Tommy Davidson 235 Jock Robertson
122 Andrew Page 172 Ronnie Marshall 240 Allan Ross
123 Gavin Duffy 173 Morris Lee 241 Charlie Milne
124 Robin Dowie 174 George Barrie 242 Bob Malone
125 Michael Lewis 175 James Greig 244 Jimmy Low
126 Alex Cunningham 176 Billy Birse 245 Bernie McConnachie
127 Alex Grant 177 Dennis Watson 247 John Gibson
128 Robert Drummond 178 Allan Pryde 248 Eddy Stevenson
130 Gordon Stevenson 180 Robin Kennedy 251 Jack Robertson
131 Gordon Brown 181 Gordon Brunton 255 Edward Gilfillan
135 Matthew Moffat 182 Ronnie Dewar 256 Brian Duncan
136 Frank Blyth 183 John Brady 261 Alan Paterson
141 Adam Manson 185 William Brown 314 George Spalding
142 Malcolm MacIntyre 186 Ronald Finch 316 Ronald Berry
144 Fred Selby 187 Eddie Swan 330 Robert Bruce
146 George Stein 188 Tony Murphy 331 Ford Ferguson


7 Terry Henderson   47 Orr Thompson
10 Les Page   55 Bob Morton
15 Robert Valderhaut   56 Tommy Carruthers
17 Mike Jack   63 Stewart Barbour
18 Richard McLean   76 Harry Gilespie
20 Barry Watson   81 Bill Pullar
21 Stephen Watt   84 Les Brown
22 Stan Ross   86 Leslie Page
26 James Aitkin   92 Bill Smith
27 Noel Collgan   94 Vic Russell
32 James Paterson   97 Bob Cameron
35 Allan Thomson   100 George MacMillan Jnr
38 Ian Edmiston   109 Gavin McCreadie
39 Les Clark   115 Dave Morris
41 Gordon McDougall   133 Derek Duncan
42 Peter Mann   209 Bruce Nash
44 Chick Findlay   325 Bill Cunningham
45 Eric Brown      


8 Charles Grieve   51 Mark Bruce
11 Ian Gardiner   95 Alex Butchart
16 George Armstrong   102 Ronnie Burns
19 Hamish McNicoll   106 Hamish Buchanan
20 Peter Smillie   138 William Turnbull
28 Charles Coll   140 Graham Wait
30 Stewart Banks   162 Malcolm Chesher
32 James Paterson   167 Bill McLellan
33 Robert Carnegie   194 Davey Philp
34 Ronnie McLaren   196 Kenny Ireland
37 Ian Simpson   198 George Gordon
50 Craig Bruce   293 Ian Cook

The points awarded for 1976 season as follows:-  

Saloon Stocks   Superstox   Hot Rods
  Heats Final     Heats Final     Heats Final
1st 6 12   1st 8 12   1st 6 10
2nd 5 10   2nd 7 10   2nd 5 8
3rd 4 8   3rd 6 8   3rd 4 6
4th 3 6   4th 5 6   4th 3 4
5th 2 4   5th 4 4   5th 2 2
6th 1 3   6th 3 3   6th 1 1
7th   2   7th 2 2    
8th   1   8th 1 1    


The track was completely re-surfaced for the 1976 season. The impetus for this being the staging of the Superstox World Championship in August.


Notable event on 02.05.76 was starter Mike Grainger's 3000th race start.


The average attendance for the season in the Saloon Stocks was 26 cars up one from the previous year. The Superstox average was 18 up two on last year and lastly even the Hot Rods were up one at 8.


The biggest attendances for the Saloon Stocks and the Superstox with 35 cars both at the World Superstox meeting. For the Hot Rods it was 12 cars for the Open Scottish.



    REDS          BLUES  
Pos No Name Pts    Pos No Name Pts
1st 81 Bill Pullar 558    8th 17 Mike Jack 189
2nd 39 Les Clark 535    9th 209 Bruce Nash 165
3rd 84 Les Brown 383    10th 100 George MacMillan Jnr 119
4th 94 Vic Russell 361    11th 38 Ian Edmiston 105
5th 55 Bob Morton 329    12th 115 Dave Morris 101
6th 41 Gordon McDougall 275    13th 45 Eric Brown 74
7th 47 Orr Thomson 217    14th 76 Harry Gillespie 58
           15th 22 Stan Ross 52

1976 Superstox Points Champion Bill Pullar (photo knockhillimages.smugmug.com)


Pos No Name Pts
17th 7 Terry Henderson 28
18th 56 Tommy Carruthers 26
19th 10 Les Page 25
20th 44 Chick Findlay 23
21st 26 James Aitken 18


1st 81 Bill Pullar   1st 55 Bob Morton
2nd 55 Bob Morton   2nd 41 Gordon McDougall
3rd 84 Les Brown   3rd 39 Les Clark
4th 92 Bill Smith   4th E407 Jim Davey
5th 209 Bruce Nash   5th E482 Neil Bee
6th 47 Orr Thompson   6th 38 Ian Edmiston
7th 44 Chick Findlay   7th 209 Bruce Nash
8th 38 Ian Edmiston   8th   NOI


1st 81 Bill Pullar   1st 17 Mike Jack
2nd E482 Neil Bee   2nd 81 Bill Pullar
3rd 55 Bob Morton   3rd 39 Les Clark
4th 17 Mike Jack   4th 47 Orr Thompson
5th E170 Howard White   5th 94 Vic Russell
6th 47 Orr Thompson   6th 45 Eric Brown
7th E24 Johnny Coupland   7th 100 George McMillan Jnr
8th 94 Vic Russell   8th 7 Terry Henderson

"COCK of the NORTH" - 31st OCTOBER

1st 84 Les Brown
2nd 81 Bill Pullar
3rd 17 Mike Jack
4th   NOI
5th   NOI
6th   NOI
7th   NOI
8th   NOI


1st 41 Gordon McDougall
2nd 81 Bill Pullar
3rd E482 Neil Bee
4th Ir362 Ormonde Christie
5th E320 Dave Pierce
6th 47 Orr Thompson
7th H24 Adrie van den Oetelaar
8th E665 Dave Willis

Gordon Mcdougall and his World Championship winning car (photo knockhillimages.smugmug.com)

In the programme 06.06.76 Gwen made the big statement that whatever the weather come The World Superstox Championship, that we (Scotland) will win the World Title this year.  


Scotland were entitled to ten participants in the home staging of the "World Superstox" Championship the meeting on the 26.06.76 was the 1st qualifying round, points scorers were:-        


Bob Morton 22 points
Bill Pullar 17 points
Les Clark 16 points
Vic Russell 13 points
Les Brown 12 points
Dave Morris 9 points
Orr Thomson 5 points
Ian Edmiston 4 points
Gordon McDougall 3 points
Bruce Nash 3 points


Ian Fraser made some interesting observations in the World Championship meeting programme.               
The World Championship was held on the 11th anniversary of the first ever stock car race held at Cowdenbeath 15.08.66, won by Peter "Pepso" Dent.               
Two of the World Finalists Gordon McDougall & Les Clark raced at the opening fixture.               
Willie Strang was still operating as Pit Marshall & Alan Smith was still Clerk Of The Course. 


15000 fans turned up for the World Superstox Championship. The grid positions were determined by an all in draw with eventual winner Gordon McDougall being drawn half way down the 26 car field, so it was certainly not handed on a plate.

As the race got underway Belgian Jetje Rejen was involved in a bad clash with Les Brown & Bob Perry, Jetje rolled his car & the race was stopped to release the injured driver. On the re-start Bob Morton hit the lead & then Howard White took over. Bill Pullar was next man to make it to the front when Howard went wide into some dead cars, Gordon McDougall was right on his tail. Gordon took the lead with more than half the race still left to run. Bill pressed him hard & Gordon had a couple of clashes with the fence damaging a wheel. Neil Bee was also closing in on both of them until delayed slightly by a backmarker. Gordon held on to the flag and the Cowdenbeath "Roar" which grew as the laps wound down grew to a crescendo at the fall of the flag - one of life's most memorable moments. 



Grid Pos No Driver Grid Pos No Driver
1 17 Roy Eaton 2 494 Tony Smith
3 209 Bruce Nash 4 217 Bob Perry
5 38 Ian Edmiston 6 B9 Jetje Renjen
7 55 Bob Morton 8 235 Stu Blyth
9 174 Tony Roots 10 18 Mark Eaton
11 84 Les Brown 12 170 Howard White
13 39 Les Clark 14 482 Neil Bee
15 41 Gordon McDougall 16 NI 7 Ray Clifford?
17 81 Bill Pullar 18 G37 Willie Loff
19 115 Dave Morris 20 NI 362 Ormond Christie
21 H24 Adrie van den Oetelaar 22 94 Vic Russell
23 47 Orr Thompson 24 320 Dave Pierce
25 H4 Tony van den Oetelaar 26 665 Dave Willis

The 1976 Superstox Scottish Championship raised the prospect that for the first time a driver would have their names on the trophy twice, Les Brown having dominated the previous two meetings by some margin.               
18 competitors turned up for the meeting, but only 13 were able to run in the actual championship. In the event another new name was added to the cup, Bill Pullar coming through from Bob Morton & Les Brown.


The UK Challenge Cup was the last international race for the 1976 season. Bill Pullar the winner. Gordon McDougall provided the strongest opposition. Bill streaking into the lead from his front row draw position, Gordon gradually moving through the field and eventually getting on to Bill's tail. The resultant contact saw both cars hit the fence, Bill recovered still in the lead, Gordon had to retire. 1975 World Champion Neil Bee came from last on the grid to finish 2nd & Bob Morton collected 3rd. 

482 Neil Bee (photo Frank Love / Retrostox.co.uk)

This was a fantastic drive from Bill as Neil is a definite candidate for the greatest Superstox driver of all time, having won the World Championship in 75, he went on to win it again in 81, 82 & 86.Neil was a great supporter of racing in Scotland, making many visits north. He had commenced racing in 1971 while still only 16 years old. But his stock car racing didn't start there, he was helping Superstox driver John Gray from the age of 9! He reached red grade after only 4 months and he raced every year through to 1991, when tragically he died at the age of only 36, through cancer.


    REDS          BLUES  
Pos No Name Pts   Pos No Name Pts
1st 330 Robert Bruce 502   13th 242 Bob Malone 75
2nd 171 Tommy Davidson 354   14th 235 Jock Robertson 73
3rd= 118 Johnny Davidson 327   15th 144 Fred Selby 58
3rd= 131 Gordon Brown 327   16th 219 James Gow 49
5th 170 Jas Cochrane 257   17th 210 John Grierson 47
6th 222 Fraser Dunlop 222   18th= 168 Alan McHattie 46
7th 241 Charlie Milne 215   18th= 217 Ian Stewart 46
8th= 150 Jimmy Blair 158   19th 177 Dennis Watson 44
8th= 195 Andy Johnstone 158   20th 127 Alex Grant 40
10th 124 Robin Dowie 130   21st 155 William Gray 39
11th 151 Bob Jones 125   22nd 176 Billy Birse 37
12th 46 Keith Jarman 101   23rd 255 Edward Gilfillan 35


Pos No Name Pts
24th 175 James Greig 31
25th 164 Derek Donaldson 29
26th 161 Bill Shortreed 26
27th= 158 Thomas Allison 25
27th= 183 John Brady 25
28th 240 Allan Ross 24
29th 126 Alex Cunningham 23
30th 214 Jimmy McAlpine 22
31st= 105 Bob Smith 20
31st= 121 John Burns 20
33rd 180 Robin Kennedy 20
34th 136 Frank Blyth 15


The East Of Scotland Championships resulted in a couple of interesting results. Mike Jack taking the victory with driver of the year Bill Pullar right on his tail.              
Jimmy Cochrane scooped up the Saloon Stock honours after Charlie Milne's Cortina packed up when enjoying a huge lead, driver of the year Robert Bruce came through for 2nd. Hamish Buchanan won the Hot Rod title from Kenny Ireland in 2nd.



1st 241 Charlie Milne   1st 170 James Cochrane
2nd 131 Gordon Brown   2nd 330 Robert Bruce
3rd 155 William Gray   3rd 118 Johnny Davidson
4th 164 Derek Donaldson   4th 171 Tommy Davidson
5th 217 Ian Stewart   5th 195 Andy Johnstone
6th 210 John Grierson   6th 235 Jock Robertson
7th   NOI   7th 131 Gordon Brown
8th   NOI   8th 151 Bob Jones

"COCK of the NORTH" - 31st OCTOBER  

1st 330 Robert Bruce
2nd 118 Johnny Davidson
3rd 222 Fraser Dunlop
4th 131 Gordon Brown
5th 170 James Cochrane
6th 171 Tommy Davidson
7th   NOI
8th   NOI


The stats for the most wins in 1976 were as follows:- 

Pos No Name Finals Heats   Pos No Name Finals Heats
1st 330 Robert Bruce 14 24   7th 150 Jimmy Blair 1 3
2nd 118 Johnny Davidson 7 11   8th 222 Fraser Dunlop 1 3
3rd 171 Tommy Davidson 6 10   9th 121 John Burns 1 0
4th 241 Charlie Milne 2 5   10th 195 Andy Johnstone 0 2
5th 170 James Cochrane 2 4   11th 219 Derek Mackie 0 1
6th 131 Gordon Brown 1 5    


Meeting top point scorers

Pos  No  Name  Meetings
1st 330 Robert Bruce 9
2nd  118 Johnny Davidson 7
3rd  171 Tommy Davidson 6
4th  131 Gordon Brown 5
5th  170 James Cochrane 3
6th= 241 Charlie Milne 1
6th= 150 Jimmy Blair 1
6th= 222 Fraser Dunlop 1

Robert Bruce overdoes it on this occasion, an unusual occurence in 1976 ( photo knockhillimages.smugmug.com)


The 2nd May meeting witnessed a crack down on the effectiveness of the Saloon Stocks brakes.                 
It would seem that the rear breaks on New Scottish Champion Charlie Milne's car had been disconnected. His car therefore failed scrutineering.                 
Charlie was having none of this though, & he duly came out to race & would not leave the track. As happens in these sorts of events, the spectators love it & the officials hate it!               
Charlie  ended up with a months ban from the BOC for his trouble, & a severe reprimand from Gwen in the following weeks programme "disgraceful behaviour" no less.


Charlie returned on 06.06.76 after his months ban, graciously Gwen included his photograph in the programme under which was the note  "All Is Forgiven".               
It is no wonder that so many drivers remained so loyal to the promotion, it  was like an extended family!           
Anyway Charlie secured a 4th place in the 2nd heat & 3rd in the final behind winner Tommy Davidson & 2nd pace Fraser Dunlop. 


The saloon stocks tried hard to steal the thunder from the Superstox in the World Championship meeting, 35 cars started the first heat, Charlie Milne though was unstoppable taking both heats & final.


1st of a stunning sequence by J Fyffe (knockhillimages.smugmug.com)


    REDS           BLUES  
Pos No Name Pts   Pos No Name Pts
1st 140 Graham Wait 374   5th 293 Ian Cook 238
2nd 162 Malcolm Chesher 284   6th 167 Bill McLellan 147
3rd 196 Kenny Ireland 279   7th 116/  Davy Philp 100
4th 106 Hamish Buchanan 260     294     


Pos No Name Pts
8th 95 Alex Butchart 85
9th 51 Mark Bruce 58
10th 50 Craig Bruce 51
11th 16 George Armstrong 24


1st 167 Bill McLellan   1st 106 Hamish Buchanan
2nd 162 Malcolm Chesher   2nd 196 Kenny Ireland
3rd 16 George Armstrong   3rd 140 Graham Wait
4th 95 Alex Butchart   4th 162 Malcolm Chesher
5th   NOI   5th 293 Ian Cook
6th   NOI   6th 50 Craig Bruce


1st 106 Hamish Buchanan   1st 196 Kenny Ireland
2nd 140 Graham Wait   2nd 162 Malcolm Chesher
3rd 196 Kenny Ireland   3rd 106 Hamish Buchanan
4th E566 Micky Codling   4th 140 Graham Wait
5th 293 Ian Cook   5th   N/A
6th 162 Malcolm Chesher   6th   N/A

The stats for the most wins in 1976 were as follows:-

Pos No Name Finals Heats   Pos No Name Finals Heats
1st 140 Graham Wait 11 23   6th 51 Mark Bruce 1 2
2nd 106 Hamish Buchanan 7 11   7th 162 Malcolm Chesher 1 2
3rd 196 Kenny Ireland 7 8   8th 194 Davey Philp 0 5
4th 167 Bill McLellan 3 2   9th 33 Robert Carnegie 0 1
5th 293 Ian Cook 2 2    

Meeting top points scorers

Pos No Name Meetings
1st 140 Graham Wait 10
2nd  106 Hamish Buchanan 7
3rd  196 Kenny Ireland 5
4th  167 Bill McLellan 3
5th = 51 Mark Bruce 2
5th = 162 Malcolm Chesher 2
7th= 33 Robert Carnegie 1
7th= 194 Davey Philp 1
7th= 293 Ian Cook 1


                                                                                                                                         2nd in the J Fyffe sequence (knockhillimages.smugmug.com)

The new track surface was also hoped to increase interest in the hot rod formula, ie one of the perceptions for the large numbers of accidents in the formula was the condition of the track surface.               
The following meeting attracted 4 entries, accidents still occurred with only 2 cars finishing the 2nd heat.               
Another ongoing excuse for low numbers of entries was lack of parts, however at the 3rd meeting of the season the flu epidemic joined the list of contributing factors.               
It was unfortunate that Hot Rod drivers succumbed to the flu more than Superstox, Saloon Stocks & Banger drivers.               
The promoters eventually lost patience & it was announced that the Hot Rods would be restricted to two races only, until further notice.               
This decision lasted precisely one week, the huge number of 6 cars fronted up for the next meeting & 3 races were re-introduced. 3 cars finished the final.


We all have our favourite formulae. I am a big Hot Rod fan, however not so much at Cowdenbeath.                
Hot Rods can be absolutely brilliant with large fields at appropriate tracks. Ipswich & Hednesford in particular produced fantastic Hot Rod racing.               
I believe Hot Rods have been responsible for the loss of many top Saloon Stock & Superstox drivers from the sport in Scotland. Many have seen Hot Rods as the pinnacle of the sport & have left the formula in which they  have been successful. I personally believed that the Cowdenbeath tracks "square" shape was simply the wrong shape for Hot Rod racing, the quickest line around the track was still the "oval line", clip the corners, wide half way around the corner & wide down the straight.                
A recipe for continual accidents, usually through a driver diving for the inside of the corner while the other driver comes in to clip the apex. The number of top Saloon Stock drivers who tried Hot Rods (when previously they may have tried Superstox) & then retired is depressingly high. Thus robbing the Superstox & Saloon Stock formula & rarely producing the large numbers in the Hot Rods

Having said all of that one of Scotland's greatest Hot Rod drivers Kenny Ireland stated that he enjoyed racing at Cowdenbeath more than any other track, relishing the challenge presented by the track. So what do I know?


On 16.05.76 Hot Rods managed to reach double figures, it was no coincidence that the Scottish Championship was scheduled for the following week.


Graham Wait & Kenny Ireland secured placing's in the 1976 European Championship, Graham was 6th & Kenny Ireland 7th.


Despite the World Superstox Championship being the highest profile meeting ever to be held in Scotland, we could only muster 9 Hot Rods, a special cup was presented in the final sponsored by cigarette company Gaulisese.


Hamish Buchanan won the Open Scottish for Hot Rods having only taken up hot rods half way through the season. The race included the following luminaries World Champion George Polley, Mick Collard, Micky Codling no 566 ,Bob Wilson no 92 ?. Sticky Torrens & Robert Francey from Northern Ireland. 12 cars started the race.


A Video of the 1976 Hot Rod World Final can be viewed here:-