1980's » 1984 Newtongrange


Saloon Stocks 60 cars

2 Alan Simpson   106 Hamish Buchanan
3 Hugh Drummond   109 John Bell
4 Brian Scott   110 Andy Nelson
5 Sandy Paxton   113 George Kerr
6 Bobby Vass   114 Frank Wilson
9 Jock Threadgall   122 George Robertson
10 Jim Nightingale   123 Hugh Brown
11 Eddie Stanley   125 Ivor Thomson
12 John Hamilton   128 Joe Moir
13 Andy Johnston   135 Billy Morris
14 Colin Noble   157 Sam Watt
15 Tim Sin   160 Martin Johnson
18 Nigel Atkinson   161 Colin Birtley
22 Norman Coutts   164 George Notman
26 Tommy Millar   168 Alan McHattie
28 John Tait   171 Tommy Davidson
29 Sid Threadgall   167 Eugene Carney
35 John Tickle   168 Alan McHattie
40 Jimmy Sinclair   171 Tommy Davidson
57 Liam Murray   178 Alex Jones
62 Andrew Graham   201 Peter Hunter
64 Donald Wright   206 Mike Richardson
71 Gordon Alexander   215 William Simpson
75 Norman Walker   216 Kenny Stewart
80 William Moyes   217 Harry Denholm
84 Eddie Lynch   241 Charlie Milne
85 James Lynch   260 Tommy Thomson
91 Garry Nimmo   270 Keith Forrest
100 Gordon Anderson   306 Bobby Farrer
101 Danny Redpath    333 Keith McBean 


Saloon Stock Points Champion 1984 Colin Noble (photo Jim Turner)

Saloon Stocks Points Championship 

Pos No Name Pts
1st 14 Colin Noble 637
2nd 260 Tommy Thomson 623
3rd 168 Alan McHattie 501
4th 241 Charlie Milne 472
5th 171 Tommy Davidson 349
6th 306 Bobby Farrer 319
7th 216 Kenny Stewart 234
8th 217 Harry Denholm 224
9th 109 John Bell 216
10th 75 Norman Walker 151
11th 29 Sid Threadgall 127
12th 2 Alan Simpson 82
13th 157 Sam Watt 61
14th 10 Jim Nightingale 59
15th 11 Eddie Stanley 50
16th 91 Garry Nimmo 46
17th 18 Nigel Atkinson 39
18th 122 George Robertson 38
18th 161 Colin Birtley 37
19th 101 Danny Redpath 35
20th 128 Joe Moir 32
21st 71 Gordon Alexander 31
22nd 160 Martin Johnson 21
23rd 9 Jock Threadgall 20
24th= 57 Liam Murray 19
24th= 35 John Tickle 19
26th 40 Jimmy Sinclair 16
27th 64 Donald Wright 15

most wins in 1984

Pos No Name Finals Heats
1st 14 Colin Noble 13 15
2nd 260 Tommy Thompson 6 8
3rd 171 Tommy Davidson 6 8
4th 168 Allan McHattie   2 14
5th 109 John Bell 2 2
6th 217 Harry Denholm 2 2
7th 306 Bobby Farrer 1 3
8th 10 Jim Nightingale 1 2
9th 29 Sid Threadgall 1 0
10th 241 Charlie Milne 0 8
11th 157 Sam Watt 0 1
12th 2 Alan Simpson 0 1
13th 18 Nigel Atkinson 0 1

most top scoring meetings

Pos No Name Meetings
1st 14 Colin Noble 10
2nd  260 Tommy Thompson 7
3rd = 171 Tommy Davidson 4
3rd = 168 Allan McHattie   4
3rd = 241 Charlie Milne 4
6th = 109 John Bell 1
6th = 128 Joe Moir 1
6th = 157 Sam Watt 1
6th = 217 Harry Denholm 1
6th = 306 Bobby Farrer 1

Attendance records (although records are reasonbaly good for 1984, these should still be considered the minimum attendances)

Out of 36 possible meetings.

216 Kenny Stewart 35   215 William Simpson 5
260 Tommy Thomson 35   6 Bobby Vass 4
14 Colin Noble 32   28 John Tait 4
168 Alan McHattie 32   35 John Tickle 4
241 Charlie Milne 32   62 Andrew Graham 4
306 Bobby Farrer 32   80 William Moyes 4
217 Harry Denholm 28   15 Tim Sin 3
75 Norman Walker 26   201 Peter Hunter 3
10 Jim Nightingale 22   270 Keith Forrest 3
3 Hugh Drummond 21   5 Sandy Paxton 2
109 John Bell 21   72 Graeme Anderson 2
171 Tommy Davidson 21   85 James Lynch 2
2 Alan Simpson 20   110 Andy Nelson 2
29 Sid Threadgall 20   113 George Kerr 2
122 George Robertson 20   135 Billy Morris 2
161 Colin Birtley 16   164 George Notman 2
71 Gordon Alexander 15   323 Brian Middlemiss 2
11 Eddie Stanley 13   9 Jock Threadgall 1
64 Donald Wright 13   12 John Hamilton 1
40 Jimmy Sinclair 12   26 Tommy Millar 1
101 Danny Redpath 11   84 Eddie Lynch 1
128 Joe Moir 11   100 Gordon Anderson 1
157 Sam Watt 10   106 Hamish Buchanan 1
18 Nigel Atkinson 9   114 Frank Wilson 1
91 Garry Nimmo 8   118 N/A 1
160 Martin Johnson 7   125 Ivor Thompson 1
333 Keith McBean 7   206 Mike Richardson 1
13 Andy Johnston 6   235 Gary Tickle 1
22 Norman Coutts 6   296 John Conway 1
57 Liam Murray 5        

Scottish Champion (again) Tommy Davidson (photo Jim Turner)

    West of Scotland Championship - 1st April                           Scottish Championship - 8th September 

1st 14 Colin Noble   1st 171 Tommy Davidson
2nd 168 Alan McHattie   2nd 260 Tommy Thomson
3rd 241 Charlie Milne   3rd 306 Bobby Farrer
4th 260 Tommy Thomson   4th  109 John Bell
5th 306 Bobby Farrer   5th  Ire1 Ronnie Capper
6th 157 Sam Watt   6th 125  Ivor Thomson
7th 216 Kenny Stewart   7th   NOF
8th 2 Alan Simpson   8th   NOF


Champion of Champions  18th November

1st 168 Alan McHattie
2nd 171 Tommy Davidson
3rd 10 Jim Nightingale
4th   nof
5th   Graham Cotterrell
6th   NOF
7th   NOF
8th   NOF


In addition to the major championship wins at Newtongrange, a number of Finals attracted additional sponsorship, the winners of these were as follows:-

"MOTOQUOTE INSURANCE" 08.01.84 1st 10 Jim Nightingale 2nd 106 Hamish Buchanan 3rd 128 Joe Moir
"ANNIVERSARY TROPHY & POLTON GARAGE TROPHY" 11.03.84 1st 14 Colin Noble 2nd 241 Charlie Milne 3rd 260 Tommy Thomson
"DAVIDSON PLANT HIRE TROPHY" 05.05.84 1st 171 Tommy Davidson 2nd 168 Alan McHattie 3rd 217 Harry Denholm
"GORDON MacDONALD TROPHY" 19.05.84 1st 171 Tommy Davidson 2nd 260 Tommy Thomson 3rd 306 Bobby Farrer
"WILLIE HUNTER MEMORIAL" 26.05.84 1st 171 Tommy Davidson 2nd 14 Colin Noble 3rd 168 Alan Mchattie
"BAYVIEW HOTEL" 21.07.84 1st 14 Colin Noble 2nd 306 Bobby Farrer 3rd 260 Tommy Thomson
"WILLIAM McBEAN MEMORIAL" 11.08.84 1st 171 Tommy Davidson 2nd 241 Charlie Milne 3rd 14 Colin Noble
"SUPPORTERS CLUB TROPHY" 25.08.84 1st 29 Sid Threadgall 2nd 260 Tommy Thomson 3rd 306 Bobby Farrer
"NEWTONGRANGE STAR FC TROPHY" 29.09.84 1st 14 Colin Noble 2nd 217 Harry Denholm 3rd 216 Kenny Stewart
"FR BROCK ROOFING TROPHY" 27.10.84 1st 14 Colin Noble 2nd 241 Charlie Milne 3rd 260 Tommy Thomson


Andy Johnson Tests Out New Fence


The first meeting of the year was the New Year Holiday Meeting, it took place on the 8th January. The meeting was sponsored by” Motaquote Insurance Brokers” of Galashiels. 

The Saloon Stocks put on a bit of a display at this fixture, Jim Nightingale was the star on the day in this class with a heat & Final, Shuggy Brown won the other heat.


Jim made sure he didn't do this at the holiday meeting


The season proper commenced on 11th March. In the programme for the meeting Gordon McDougall stated that he was hoping to introduce Stock Car Racing to the Berwick Speedway track in early June.

To this end meetings were published in the fixture list for 3rd June, 1st, 15th & 29th July, 12th & 19th August. Sadly Council permission was never to eventuate.

As had now become traditional a number of number of Special Trophy events were scheduled at the opening meeting.

In the Saloon Stocks it was the "Anniversary Trophy" (donated Derek & Lorraine Donaldson), & also the "Polton Garage Trophy" (donated by Hamish Buchanan).

The Saloon races were interrupted with a number of stoppages & produced 3 different winners, Alan McHattie won the first points scoring race of the year in his new Sunbeam, Charlie Milne the 2nd after characteristically disposing of much of the opposition, & the first Final to Colin Noble winning the "Polton Garage Trophy". There were other trophies up for grabs in the Saloons for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd highest points scorers. They were awarded to Charlie Milne top points scorer, Colin Noble 2nd & Slammer Bell 3rd. This unfortunately was a bit of a stuff up as Tommy Thomson was the 3rd highest scorer.

The Saloon Stock racing at the 2nd meeting was full of action Colin Noble, in another Sunbeam was first heat winner. Ex banger star Sam Watt from Aberdeen took the 2ndafter early leaders Alan McHattie was dispatched by Tommy Thompson & then Charlie Milne dispatched by Norman Walker & Sam Watt! The Final looked to be a shoot out between Colin Noble & Alan McHattie. Alan got past Colin only for Colin to then blast Alan into the fence in a miscalculated assault as both ended up out of the race. Tommy Thompson was the benefactor of this little tete a tete taking the Final win.

Colin Noble rounded off March with a dominant performance, heat win, heat runner up (to Alan McHattie) & Final win.

64 Don Wright on his side, 215 William Smpson


West of Scotland Championship day at the start of April, Colin Noble collected the title, already 3 Final wins now for 1984. Alan McHattie & Charlie Milne (in his Fiat) were the heat winners. Alan was actually past the flag first in both heats, however he was docked two places for one indiscretion or another. They followed Colin home in the Championship race in that order.

April's 2nd meeting marked the first new floodlit evening meeting of the season & it served up plenty of incidents. In the Saloon Stocks Tommy Davidson made a welcome return to action - dishing out a fair bit of bumper. It was another Tommy who had the most successful day though the Thomson variety with a heat win, heat 3rd & Final win. Amazingly this performance only gained 1 more point though than current points leader Colin Noble. Colin's points haul earned through a heat win & two 2nds in the other races. Charlie Milne was the first "name" to hit form in the Final, Colin Noble though ended Charlie’s hopes. Tommy Davidson in turn blootered Colin which allowed Tommy Thomson to nick the lead & Colin couldn't quite get back in contention, Alan McHattie collected 3rd & Tommy Davidson 4th.

15th April Colin Noble won a lacklustre heat 1, a bit more interest though in the 2nd heat, in fact Colin didn't even make the start line before getting spun out by Bobby Farrer! Colin fought back & made his way through the field until he reached Charlie Milne at which point they both ended up in the fence! Tommy Thomson went on to collect the win.

The Final was a ripper, about a dozen cars formed a pile up at the start which Bobby Farrer was able to avoid & compile a substantial lead. Colin Noble though, steadily made up ground & slipped through with two laps to go & then encountered some mechanical gremlins which slowed him up, allowing Bobby to stick him in the fence and collect the chequer & naturally in the circumstances a huge cheer from the fans!

The end of the first points period produced the following points tables:-

Saloon Stocks

1) 14 Colin Noble 146 points

2) 260 Tommy Thomson 124 points

3) 241 Charlie Milne 105 points

Ominous developments from the local council in Berwick, when the planning application decision to run Stock Cars at the Speedway track was deferred yet again. It is always a source of amazement to me that these "elected" individuals of councils always seem hell bent on preventing entertainments for the people they are purported to represent. The next Council soiree was scheduled for middle May. This made the hoped for opening meeting in June unlikely.

A very acceptable 23 car Saloon Stock field for the 21stApril meeting. Heats went the way of Tommy Thomson & Tommy Davidson. Colin Noble interestingly was docked 4 places in this race, later revised to two places, so in the end he achieved 4th spot. He was in a class of his own in the Final especially after he dealt with Tommy Davidson on the first lap. Indeed that was a brilliant manoeuvre as Tommy was the man to beat, Tommy in fact recovered from his hit to finish 2nd.

 Alan McHattie won the Final down at Aycliffe on the following day.

Last meeting in April & the Saloon Stocks were playing 2ndfiddle to the F2 Stock Cars on their qualifying round. Saloon Stock action was a close rival to the F2 displays though. Tommy Davidson clattered everything he encountered in the first heat & was in front by some distance only to lose a wheel on the last bend - he still managed 2nd with only three wheels on his wagon! Tommy Thompson secured this one. The 2nd heat was awarded to Alan McHattie, it was one of these results which cause controversy, ie who was where when the yellow flags came out & whether it should be the results at the last completed lap. It was all too easy for decisions to be made to declare races when they were not complete. I have always been of the opinion that this should only happen where there are exceptional circumstances not "well it was almost finished anyway". Tommy Davidson then was only awarded 3rd spot after Tommy Thompson found himself on his roof (the reason for the stoppage). Colin Noble was 2nd. The Final though saw some luck return to Tee Dee & he collected the win after yet another stoppage. Tommy Thompson had ended up in the fence when Gordon Alexander collected the wreck & one of Tommy's wheels were ripped off & despite the catch fencing, ended up in the crowd, thankfully without anyone being injured. A salutary warning though, always be vigilant at a Stock Car Meeting - the unexpected can always happen. The mayhem in this race resulted in only 5 finishers. Tommy Davidson earning his first Final of the season from Colin Noble & Charlie Milne.

13th May & 2 wins to Bobby Farrer - but by staying on the track!!


May's fare opened with the major event being the "Davidson Plant Hire" sponsored Final. Sponsor Tommy commenced the day with a relatively easy win in the first heat. It was Harry Denholm who captured his first win at Nitten in the 2ndheat, Tommy in the runner up position this time. Tommy looked the favourite to win his own trophy & so it turned out. Harry Denholm continued his heat 1 form heading out into an early lead, it was evident though that Tommy was circulating faster & in due course he nipped through. Alan McHattie also passed Harry but could not catch the winner. Tommy was more than pleased to accept the trophy from wife Babs.

13th May & the Border Trophies for F2 Stock Cars, Saloon Stocks & Hot Rods were the feature Finals on the day.

Bobby Farrer picked up wins in both the heats, however a trip to the fence in the Final scuppered the hat trick effort - not yet achieved in the saloon formula this season. It was Alan McHattie who was victorious in the main event. Much carnage was evident in all races, if fact only 5 cars finished the 1st heat & Final!

19th May commencing 2nd Grading Period Points

1) 14 Colin Noble 218 points

2) 260 Tommy Thomson 198 points

3) 241 Charlie Milne 181 points

The Saloon Stocks were racing for the “Gordon MacDonald (Butchers of Loanhead)” Trophy. Tommy Davidson was completely unstoppable in this meeting, he won every race with some comfort. Tommy Thomson was the 2nd highest point scorer on the night & in fact was only 6 points behind Tommy Davidson's total. This was the first Saloon Stock clean sweep of the season.

The final meeting in May was the "Willie Hunter Memorial Trophy" for each of the formulae.

The Saloon Sock races were full of incident, current form man Tommy Davidson still won the first race but came a cropper courtesy of John Bell's front bumper in the 2nd, Colin Noble stepped up to improve on his runner up spot in the first by taking the win. The Final was again full of action, this was a Trophy that all the driver's were determined to go all out for & there were many hard hits. Tommy Davidson was very happy to add this Trophy to his collection, Colin Noble was again runner up, from a very fast closing Alan McHattie.



Kenny Stewart mounts the tyres - so to speak


On the 2ndJune Alan McHattie & Colin Noble were battling it out until they tangled up together leaving Alan Simpson to win the opening heat. Alan recovered his composure to recover for 2nd spot & ex Ministocker Liam Murray in his first venture in this formula in 3rd. Some normality was returned in the 2nd race when Tommy Davidson collected the win. Eddie Stanley hit the lead in the Final until the race had to be stopped when Bobby Farrer ended up on his side. Alan McHattie took advantage of the reduced gap on the re-start to capture his 2nd Final of the season, Tommy Thomson was 2nd & Liam Murray again picked up an excellent 3rd. Mind you only an unbelievable  4 cars finished the race.


Rather Cool BMW of Alan Simpson Heat Winner 2nd June (photo Jim Turner)

There was much nervousness about as the Newtongrange promotion were required to re-apply to the local council for planning permission.  Gordon McDougall had invested so much personal money & time into providing an entertainment to both drivers & spectators only for the possibility of it being taken away. Anyway on "this" occasion the "jobsworths" were defeated or at least "seemingly" placated by a new rule being introduced whereby a 9.30pm time restriction was placed on events. The "Sword of Damocles" was withdrawn - (for the time being).

9thJune & some close battles in the Saloon Stocks with some of the usual combatants to the fore. Colin Noble captured the first reasonably comfortably from Alan McHattie. The 2nd race had these possies reversed. The Final was a beauty, Eddie Stanley in his Fiat was a quarter of a lap away from his first victory, with the crowd right behind the novice, only for him to spin out! Tommy Thomson was next in line & Colin Noble right on his bumper really wanting another win. He manouvered on to Tommy's passenger side rear and engineered the perfect spin - trouble was Tommy was now just in front as they crossed the line. Brilliant finish - the crowd would have been ecstatic for Tommy - yes? Sadly no - they were too pissed off that Eddie hadn't won!

Mid June bash produced a large crowd of spectators - in the Saloon Stocks it was the same three “amigos”  as the previous week Colin Noble, Alan McHattie & Tommy Thomson. So it was Alan Mchattie 1) Colin Noble 2) in the first heat & Colin Noble 1) & Alan McHattie 2) in the 2nd. The Final was another battle between the two – only it was over before the start line as Alan was despatched! That's just not Cricket! Your right it's Saloon Stock Racing. Colin crashed on through to the lead beating Tommy Thomson to the flag, Alan McHattie recovered for an excellent third.

The council at Berwick responsible for dealing out suffering to their local constituents had after many days of debate found a technical reason which forces a re-application for planning permission. There was now no chance of any Stock Car Racing in 1984. Council 1 Everybody Else 0. Congratulations.  

Points Positions after 15 meetings

1) 14 Colin Noble 315 points

2) 260 Tommy Thomson 302 points

3) 168 Alan McHattie 285 points

Last outing before the mid-season holiday break & the Saloon Stocks decided they would cram in 3 weeks of agro into one meeting!  Trouble is it was taken out on the pit gate!

The action commenced in heat 1 when again Alan McHattie & Colin Noble traded Sunbeam paintwork & metal. Alan coming out victorious. It was heat two where things got more heated due of course to the pit gate being closed before certian individuals had made their way on to the track. How often has this happened? I’m sure there have been promoters who have deliberately done this (with or without collusion of the affected drivers) to get the crowd going. Not that this was the case on this occasion! Those locked out included the two aforementioned plus Charlie Milne & Tommy Thomson. How dare the pit gate do such a thing - as they set about trying to demolish it. A demolished pits gate would never have been part of the promoters plan. This encouraged the patrons in the stand to voice their support / disapproval of developments & thus much amusement. Slammer Bell was the victor in this race, the fun however was not quite over as the pit gate demolition collective then refused to remove their battering rams from the pit entrance. In due course everything was resolved at least temporarily, and the guilty latecomers made sure they were not late for the Final. Slammer Bell proved that he didn't just win the 2nd heat due to the absence of a few stars, when he repeated the feat in the Final & indeed Tommy Davidson repeated his feat of 2nd in the 2nd heat to 2nd in the Final - for the 2nd time. Who would be a Stock Car Promoter?

80 William Moyles & 157 Sam Watt


On the return from the holiday break & for the first time this year & in the middle of summer we had a meeting which was affected by rain - luckily the downpour only came down in the latter stages of the meeting.

Alan McHattie & Colin Noble - not for the first time this season were the heat winners. 2nd to Alan in the first heat was Charlie Milne, & Alan himself was the runner up in the 2nd heat. So it was expected that there would be another close battle between Alan & Colin for the honours in the Final. However the aforementioned wet track served to mix things up a bit - but not too much. Slammer Bell made the best of the conditions to make it 2 Finals in a row, Tommy Thompson the runner up & a welcome more aggressive Wee Charlie in 3rd. Charlie had been noticeably more subdued this season (from time to time), maybe getting fed up with all his broken bones - & bans!.

The "Bayview Hotel Trophy" was the sponsored trophy Final on the 21st July. The sponsorship was put up by Alan McHattie of course & quite rudely he had the temerity to win the thing himself for the past two years! Charlie Milne picked up his first win since April in heat one where Alan could only finish in 6th. Heat 2 & it was Slammer Bell taking the win - he was indeed into a run of good form. Charlie was the runner up in this one. Charlie obviously knew he was in with a big shout in the Final & thought he would enhance his chance by planting Alan into the pits gate - unfortunately he planted himself as well! Bobby Farrer & Slammer Bell then enjoyed a spell in the lead until Colin Noble squeezed through. In view of the fairly intense rivalry between Colin & Alan in recent weeks it was very evident Colin was ecstatic in winning a race - sponsored by Alan!

The Scottish F2 Championship was scheduled for the 28thJuly & the Saloon Stocks always seem to go harder at meetings where championships are up for grabs - in other formulae –why is that? It seemed so yet again as Alan McHattie & Tommy Davidson battled it out for honours in the first race, the former the winner. Charlie Milne got the better of Alan in the 2nd heat and was really flying in the Final, only he couldn't quite catch the man in front in the ex Hamish Buchanan car, piloted by a heat winner from the previous week Harry Denholm, acquiring this - his first Final win following on from his first heat win.

Tommy Davidson "William McBean Memorial Trophy"


First meeting in the month of August & current points leader Colin Noble was off on hols. No one driver really capitalised on his non-attendance. Charlie Milne ended up top points scorer with 27 points, however Bobby Farrer & Final winner Tommy Thompson finished up with 25 points. The heats were won by Bobby & Charlie.

11th August & a sponsored Final in the Saloon Stocks in the shape of "William McBean Memorial Trophy" sponsored by "JB McBean Haulage". 20 cars started the first heat , which Alan McHattie captured from Tommy Davidson. In the 2nd heat Alan had a bit more difficulty earning the win, he took advantage of a race stoppage while Charlie Milne who had been injured was attended to. Though Alan only achieved this on the last corner when he took out Colin Noble. Charlie quickly recovered to take his place in the Championship race, on the other hand Alan failed to appear having damaged his radiator & run out of time to fix it. Tommy Davidson shot to the front taking a deserved win & Charlie with renewed vigour raced through to 2nd.

18th August  

Kenny Stewart put up a great display in the heats with a couple of close 2nd places, the first heat to Charlie Milne & the second to Colin Noble. Sadly Kenny was a casualty in the Final. Much aggression was dished out among the red tops in this race- most of it at the hands of Colin Noble. An attempted spin on Charlie Milne actually resulted in Alan McHattie spinning out which Colin would have settled for! Colin's second attempt was far more successful, Charlie being biffed into a roll down the home straight. All this allowed Sid Threadgall to open up a substantial lead, the fans in the stand already standing up to applaud Sid's Final victory, only for his engine to falter on the last lap where he despairingly coasted to an eventual 4th position. Harry Denholm greatly accepted the gift, Colin Noble gained a well earned 2nd & Alan McHattie a good recovery from his spin for 3rd.


"Supporters Club Trophy" Winner 1984 Sid Threadgall (photo Jim Turner)

Sid Threadgall made up for his bad luck in last week’s Final by capturing  the "Supporters Club Trophy" Final on the 25thAugust, a race that was made all the more difficult due the field being able to close up on his lead at re-starts through stoppages to rescue injured or drivers in precarious positions. The stoppages were principally to rescue Jim Nightingale & Charlie Milne (the latter carted off in an ambulance - yet again!) Nigel Atkinson & Kenny Stewart. Thankfully no serious injuries were incurred by the drivers.

Alan McHattie was the first heat victor & the aforementioned Nigel Atkinson the second heat, incidentally Nigel was making a re-appearance having broken his leg on his last Saloon Stock venture!

260 Tommy Thomson


Opening meeting of the month, Colin Noble debuted his new car with a fine win in the first heat, but managed to find trouble in the next outing & in the Final (despite looking like a comfortable victory in the latter). Tommy Thompson stepped in for fine chequers in the 2nd heat & Final. Interestingly the podium spots saw Sid Threadgall in runner up spot & Jock Threadgall in 3rd.

8th & 9th September, 1984. The F2 world Final Speed Weekend .

However the other headliner formula during the Speed Weekend was undoubtedly the Saloon Stock Cars and their endeavours kicked off with their Scottish Championship on the Saturday night. The Championship was sponsored by "Alec Trench Ices" and was open to all competitors. Their race was scheduled  first up to ensure all would compete. All cars were drawn in grades to establish the starting line up. 31 Cars lined up for the start & mayhem ensued within a lap when a huge pile up caught a large number of the field including two of the favourites Charlie Milne & Colin Noble. One driver who got delayed in the melee was the holder of the Scottish Championship Tommy Davidson, being trapped behind a car crashed in the fence. Reverse gear was called for, however Tommy was now at the rear of the field, in an inspired example of the Saloon Stock art he made his way through his adversaries with a mixture of taps, spins & brutal hits until only one car stood in his way to make it three in a row. This climax of course couldn't have been scripted better, the last corner of the last lap & Tommy Thompson was pushed wide, Tommy Davidson blasted through to tumultuous applause from the large crowd to win by a metre.

The cheering as Tommy was presented with the trophy (to keep - I believe - as it was three in a row) was deafening & moving at the same time. In fact Tommy was quite overcome with the reception. The Final results were 1st Tommy Davidson, 2nd Tommy Thompson, 3rd Bobby Farrer, 4th "Slammer" Bell, 5th Ronnie Capper (from Northern Ireland) & 6thIvor Thomson.

The Saloon Stocks took part in a further heat race on the Saturday night where only 23 runners were able to take part after the Scottish Championship soiree. Tommy Davidson made it a double followed home by Charlie Milne & Tommy Thompson. The track doctor Carlo Biagi "the track quack" sponsored this race. The Saturday & Sunday's Finals were sponsored by "Teague Homes" & herein Tommy Thompson got some reward for his fine displays of the evening by securing a dominant win from Colin Noble & Sid Threadgall.

Sunday's fayre comprised the traditional two heats & Final, Charlie Milne & Colin Noble shared the heats  sponsored by “Executive Taxi Hire” & “Screen Sport” respectively. Screen Sport were televising the action for their regular Friday Evening Stock Car Racing slot. The one two three in this race was Colin Noble, Charlie Milne & Slammer Bell.

Following Nitten's highest ever spectator turnout at the triumphant Speed Weekend the two week break brought the lowest ever attendance on a night of terrible weather.

Saloon Stock numbers were down on the 31 from the Speed Weekend to a disappointing 17. The racing could not have been more different to their last outing. It would be fair to say there was more contact in the Hot Rod events. Nonetheless skilfully mastering the conditions was Colin Noble with a hat trick of wins.

29th September and a number of trophies are up for grabs, Newtongrange Star FC Trophies for F2's, Saloon Stocks, Hot Rods, & Ministox.   This proved to be a disastrous meeting for Tommy Thomson, who had managed to get into a position as the points leader up to this meeting. Tommy failed to finish a single race whereas his closest adversary Colin Noble achieved a heat 2nd & Final win. Alan Mchattie won the first heat, his first win for quite some time in which Colin Noble featured in the runner up spot. The 2nd heat saw Colin Noble & Alan McHattie suffering mechanical maladies, Jimmy Nightingale drove a clever race to collect the win. He may have then gone on to collect a Final win as  well had he not tangled up with Norman Walker. Colin Noble was ultimately the winner from Harry Denholm & Kenny Stewart.

Very Emotional 1984 Scottish Champion Tommy Davidson


October’s opener witnessed the Saloon Stock action back to its epic best, there were still 3 drivers in contention for the track title Colin Noble with a slender lead over Tommy Thomson, while title holder Alan McHattie was a bit of a distant third & in truth it would need Colin & Tommy to all but crash out in every race & Alan to be very successful for Alan to retain his title. Charlie Milne took the opening heat, getting some form back prior to his defence of his British Championship at Hartlepool the following week. Of the track title contenders Tommy Thomson was 2nd & Colin Noble 3rd. Alan McHattie failed to finish. Heat two produced a victory to Alan, Tommy was 2nd, Charlie 3rd & Colin 4th. The big points of course were on offer for the Final - here Colin came out on top with Alan 2nd & Tommy 3rd.

The points title chase resumed on the 13thOctober and all the title hopefuls were in the mix. Heat one and Tommy Thomson won a good race, Alan McHattie & Charlie Milne the followers. Heat 2 and the positions were Alan, then  Charlie followed by Colin Noble. Final & Colin Noble again  came good when the big points were on offer this time followed by Alan with Tommy Davidson in 3rd, this ensured Colin finished the meeting ahead in the points race.

Colin Noble virtually stitched up the title on the 20th October; he accomplished this with a heat win, heat 2nd & a Final win. Tommy Thomson did put up a valiant effort with a heat 2nd & a Final 2nd however he could only manage a 6th in the other Saloon Stock heat which was a victory to Kenny Stewart, in fact only 6 cars went the distance in this one.

Saloon Stock action on the 27th was sponsored by "Brock Roofing", unfortunately most discussions re this formulae centered on the British Championship which had been held at Hartlepool the previous week. It should have been in regard to Charlie Milne's fantastic defence of his British Championship where he retained the title, however it was more in connection with an altercation between Colin Noble &  Alan McHattie. The result of this altercation was that Colin received a 100 pound fine from the Hartlepool promotion which was paid at the meeting. Even though this all occurred at another track it was deemed that the Newtongrange Drivers' Commitee had also to consider the circumstances & indeed adjudicate. The result of this adjudication was that "in addition" to the fine incurred at Hartlepool, Colin would receive a one meeting ban, this to occur "after" the last point scoring meeting of the season. You will remember that Colin had all but sown up the points title the previous week, however had a ban been enacted immediately it is possible Tommy Thomson could have surged past with a top display at this final points scoring meeting. I don't suppose Tommy would have been happy with that though.

The ban would therefore take place at the Champion of Champions event at the end of the season.

Top Saloon Stock Driver Nitten 1984


So how did Colin react to all this? he finished 2nd behind Tommy in the first heat, did not finish the 2nd heat which was won by Tommy, & in the Final duly won the "Brock Roofing" trophy ahead of British Champ Charlie Milne with Tommy Thomson in 3rd.

Final points scoring clash of the year then & despite the close battle for the points title in the Saloon Stock formula there were only two race on the programme for them. In fairness this had been decided several weeks ago to enable such events as Mechanics Races in some formulae & Parents races in the Ministox. I have probably remarked on these "fun" events a number of times previously in relation to the "Cock O The North" Meetings at Cowdenbeath - easily in my opinion the worst meetings of the year. However I'm probably in the minority in preferring to watch good Stock Car Racing rather than novices having a bash. I think the truth is these meetings are more for the benefits of the drivers than the spectators. The Saloon Stocks races were won by Charlie Milne quite easily in the opener, Colin Noble received a fierce hit from Alan McHattie in this race, which in the end forced Alan out while Colin was able to continue and finish 6th. Tommy Davidson brought out a new Fiat 131 Sport for this last points earning meeting of the season (his previous car had lasted for the entire length of Newtongrange track). Tommy collected a fine win with the new steed Tommy Thomson trying to the last came through for 2nd, Kenny Stewart was 3rd & Colin drove safely into 4th. Thus Colin Noble was confirmed as the Track Champion for 1984. It was just a great pity that he could not compete in the Champion of Champions event on the 18th November due to his looming ban.


Champion of Champions Victor Alan McHattie (photo Jim Turner)

The Saloon Stocks Champion of Champions race at the last meeting of the proper season only had 7 cars & was absolutely brilliant. How so? Harry Denholm managed to stick himself in the fence which necessitated a restart. Jimmy Nightingale & Bobby Farrer then had a dual fence visit. Tommy Davidson was in devastating form spinning Alan McHattie Tommy Thomson & Slammer Bell. All were able to resume save Harry Denholm. The race had an amazing conclusion with leader Tommy Davidson managed to tangle with 3rd placed Jimmy Nightingale who had spun out. Yes that's right 3rd place and in fact last place! This allowed the recovering Alan McHattie to slip through for the win, Tommy was able to continue for 2nd & Jimmy Nightingale was 3rd & last. Tommy Thompson won the first  Saloon Stock heat of the day from Alan McHattie & George Robertson & the Final saw another great drive from Slammer Bell with Bobby Farrer & Tommy Thomson following him home in 2nd & 3rd. Colin noble you will recall was serving his ban for this meeting.


Just Failing To Catch Colin In The Points Chase 260 Tommy Thompson (photo Jim Turner)


There was one more meeting that made it into 1984 & that was the winter holiday meeting on the 30th December. The disappointing news was announced in the programme for this meeting that there would be no Stock Car racing at Berwick in 1985. It was what it has to be said in typical "Council" form they spent 2 years debating the issue while indicating to those who were to invest considerable sums to bring some additional entertainment to the residents that it should be a formality, only for the initiative to be rejected.

Two ex Saloon Stock runners Eddie Stanley & Alan Simpson made an appearance in the F2's in first heat in the latter in the ex Phill Hiles car. He was able to retain his Saloon Stock No. 2 which was no mean feat. Tommy Thomson produced a dominating clean sweep of the heats & Final.

F2 Stock Cars   118 cars

1/595 Dave Bunt   554 Terry Parker
2 N/A ***   559 Ray Weldon
3 N/A ***   561 Nick Lawrence
4 N/A ***   563 N/A
7 Jimmy Moodie   567 Stu Easky
11 Stu Smith   575 Alan Madams
12 I McLeod   580 James Tait
14 Jon Milicevic   617 Mike James
16 Jimmy Wallace   621 George Beckham
18 Trevor Jones   623 Walter  Donaldson
19 Jock Threadgall   628 Kevin Stack
23 Smiler Hutson   651 Gary Sansom
24 Les Palmer   653 N/A
28 Graham Bunter   663 A McBeth
30 John Rigg   667 Bill Batten
33 Keith Stanford   673 Errol Johnston
36 Ed Pannett   686 Garry Hooper
38 Ian Edmiston   688 Alan Eastment
41 Gordon McDougall   689 Paul Butcher
43 Billy Johnston   694 Barry Plowman
49 Eric Moore   698/1 Malcolm Locke
51 Tim Lish   701 John Thompson
52 Martin Lamb   711 Jimmy Crockett
59 N/A   712 Bill Paxton
60 John Horsfall   718 Athol Thompson
62 Derek Donaldson   719 John Aitchison
64 John Fortune   722 Paul Broatch
68 Tommy Gilchrist   723 Allan Warriner
69 Simon Chalky   725 Brian Robson
70 John Lothian   736 George Fulton
71 Dave Beskaby   744 Russell Taylor
77 Steve Riley   747 Dave Pinkney
78 Ronnie NcVicar   748 Phil Den Herder
81 Chris O'Reilly   753 Andy Morris
NI82 Clifford McNight   760 John Lovett
87 Andy Rawlinson   766 Pete Hobson
100 George MacMillan Jnr   790 Mark Taylor
101 John Rutter   791 Neil Anderson
102 Tony Cole   800 Roy Goodman
105 James Plain   803 Stuart Wilkinson
141 N/A   812 Tony Rivett
175 Eric Brown   830 Trevor Whitney
177 John Gilchrist   838 Tony Capaldi
179 Derek Kilday   871 Ray Armstrong
188 Ronnie Ford   883 Allan Kerr
200 N/A   890 Pete Rice
209 A Wilson   899 Phil Wyer
261 John Henderson   900 Bryn Thomas
262 Arthur Unwin   901 Martin White
313 Garry Bark   907 John Dawe
344 Warren Taylor   925 Graham Wilson
501 Bill Trout   934 Mick McArdle
512 Mike Valks   939 Dennis Whitfield
514 Chalky White   NL2 Tony van der Cruys
515 Chas Davidson   Ire32 Ian McNight
527 Tony Hooper   Ire34 Jimmy Greenwood
542 Ernie Reay   Ire37 Ivor Greenwood
544 John Eddington   Ire94 Billy Allison
552 Simon Farrington   IOM  Brian Kincaid 

*** These are probably temporary numbers issued by the Promoter for special 1 off meeting drives.

This list of drivers is based on records of drivers attending meetings not on the lists which appeared in the programmes. This is due to the large number of drivers which were listed not making appearances.


Runaway Niiten Points Champ in 1984 Errol Johnston (photo Jim Turner)


1 673*** Errol Johnston 611
2 33*** Keith Stanford 497
3 7 Jimmy Moodie 483
4 49 Eric Moore 394
5 179 Derek Kilday 295
6 175 Eric Brown Jnr 271
7 722*** Paul Broatch 260
8 16 Jimmy Wallace 248
9 78 Ronnie NcVicar 247
10 100 George MacMillan Jnr 219
11 70 John Lothian 218
12 686*** Garry Hooper 197
13 515 Chas Davidson 189
14 188 Ronnie Ford 131
15 51 Tim Lish 129
16 41 Gordon McDougall 126
17 899 Phil Wyer 99
18 744 Russell Taylor 85
19= 736 George Fulton 83
19= 939 Denis Whitfield 83
21 628*** Kevin Stack 77
22 766 Pete Hobson 72
23 62 Derek Donaldson 63
24= 68 Tommy Gilchrist 62
24= 830*** Trevor Whitney 62
26 19 Jock Threadgall 54
27= 24*** Les Palmer 40
27= 595 Dave Bunt 40
27= 760 John Lovett 40
27= 907 John Dawe 40
31 621 George Beckham 36
32 800 Roy Goodman 35
33 177 John Gilchrist 31
34 698 Malcolm Locke 30
35 Ire34 Jimmy Greenwood 24
36= 561 Nick Lawrence 22
36= 790 Mike Taylor   22
38 313 Garry Bark   20
39= 71 Dave Beskaby   18
39= 719 John Aitchison   18
41= 64 John Fortune   15
41= 77 Steve Riley   15
43= 501 Bill Trout     14
43= 711 Jimmy Crockett   14
43= 712 Bill Paxton   14
43= 753 Andy Morris   14
47 Ire94 Billy Allison   12
48 725 Brian Robson   10
49= 694 Barry Plowman   8
49= 900 Bryn Thomas   8
49= Ire32 Ian McNight   8
52 514 Chalky White   7
53 623 W Donaldson   6
54= 81 Chris O'Reilly   5
54= 209 Andy Wilson   5
54= 651 Gary Sansom   5
57= 14 Jon Milicevic   4
57= 101 John Rutter   4
57= 667 Bill Batten   4
57= IOM64 Brian Kincaid   4
61 748 Phil Den Herder   3
62= 43 Billy Johnston   2
62= 575 Alan Madams   2
62= 701 John Thompson   2
62= 838 Tony Capaldi   2
62= NL2 Tony Van der Cruys   2
67= 12 Ian McLeod   1
67= 36 Ed Pannett   1
67= 69 Simon Chalky   1
67= 141 John Hunter   1
67= 791 Mike Taylor   1

**** We were at least provided with a top 10 in 1984, which was a bit of an improvement on 1983. The other points positions have been calculated from my records.


Attendance records (records are very good for F2 in 1984, these should still be considered the minimum attendances)

Out of 35 possible meetings.

7 Jimmy Moodie   Windygates 34
16 Jimmy Wallace   Haddington 32
100 George MacMillan   Glasgow 32
179 Derek Kilday   Kincardine 32
673 Errol Johnston   Galashiels 32
49 Eric Moore   West Calder 31
188 Ronnie Ford   Earlston 30
33 Keith Stanford   Wormit 29
78 Ronnie McVicor   Earlston 29
722 Paul Broatch   Northallerton 29
515 Chas Davidson   Leven 28
736 George Fulton   Pencaitland 28
70 John Lothian   Gordon 25
788 George Riddell   Musselburgh 20
19 Jock Threadgall   Jedburgh 18
939 Dennis Whitfield   Darlington 18
175 Eric Brown Jnr   Forfar 17
41 Gordon McDougall   Edinburgh 15
64 John Fortune   Edinburgh 15
899 Phil Wyer   Grampound 15
51 Tim Lish   Sunderland 14
62 Derek Donaldson   Edinburgh 12
719 John Aitchison   Dalkeith 12
209 Andrew Wilson   Rosewell 11
686 Garry Hooper   Exmouth 11
712 Bill Paxton    Gorebridge 11
43 Billy Johnston   Lauder 10
567 Stu Easky     9
313 Garry Bark   Alford 8
744 Russell Taylor   Kelloe 8
623 Walter Donaldson   Broxburn 8
580 James Tait     7
766 Pete Hobson   Colne 6
77 Steve Riley   Blackburn 6
105 James Plain   Tranent 6
12 Ian McLeod   Dalkeith 5
24 Les Palmer   Plymouth 5
68 Tommy Gilchrist   Carnwath 5
101 John Rutter     5
177 John Gilchrist   Carnwath 5
711 Jimmy Crocket   Winchburgh 5
28 Graham Bunter     4
36 Ed Pannett   Stillington 4
621 George Beckham   Weston-Super-Mare 4
628 Kevin Stack   Cullompton 4
725 Brian Robson   Chester-le-Street 4
760 John Lovett   Durham 4
830 Trevor Whitney   Northampton 4
871 Ray Armstrong   Stockton 4
883 Allan Kerr   Edinburgh 4
52 Martin Lamb   Accrington 3
69 Simon Chalky   Hitchin 3
701 John Thompson   Doncaster 3
790 Mark Taylor   Bacup 3
NL2 Tony van der Cruys   Netherlands 2
4 N/A     2
30 John Rigg     2
Ire32 Ian McNight   Northern Ireland 2
Ire34 Jimmy Greenwood   Northern Ireland 2
60 John Hordfall   Newcastle 2
81 Chris O'Reilly   Quebec 2
501 Bill Trout   Osset 2
512 Mike Valks     2
514 Chalky White   Sidmouth 2
544 John Eddington     2
554 Dave Buckley   Hitchin 2
1/595 Dave Bunt   Saltash 2
617 Mike James   St Austell 2
651 Gary Sansom   Ipplepen 2
653 N/A     2
688 Alan Eastment   Bruton 2
689 Paul Butcher   Bristol 2
718 Athol Thompson   Ferryhill 2
723 Alan Warriner   Nottingham 2
753 Andy Morris   Doncaster 2
800 Roy Goodman   Taunton 2
812 Tony Rivett   Houghton-le-Spring 2
890 Pete Rice   Newton Abbot 2
900 Bryn Thomas   Buckfastleigh 2
907 John Dawe   Grampound 2
925 Graham Wilson     2
2 N/A     1
3 N/A     1
11 Stu Smith     1
14 Jon Milicevic   Northamton 1
18 Trevor Jones   Whitby 1
23 Adrian Hutson   Louth 1
Ire37 Ivor Greenwood   Northern Ireland 1
38 Ian Edmiston     1
59 N/A     1
71 Dave Beskaby   Yarm 1
82 N/A     1
87 Andy Rawlinson   Skegness 1
Ire94 Billy Allison   Northern Ireland 1
102 Tony Cole   Bradford 1
141 N/A     1
200 N/A     1
261 John Henderson   Manchester 1
262 Arthur Unwin   Manchester 1
344 Warren Taylor   Kelloe 1
527 Tony Hooper     1
542 Ernie Reay   Dipton 1
552 N/A     1
559 Ray Weldon   Aycliffe 1
561 Nick Lawrence   Wantage 1
575 Alan Madams     1
563 N/A     1
663 A McBeth   Dundee 1
667 Bill Batten     1
694 Barry Plowman     1
698 Malcolm Locke   Marnhill 1
747 Dave Pinkney   Stockton 1
748 Phil Den Herder   Bury 1
791 Neil Anderson   Haswell 1
803 Stuart Wilkinson   Richmond 1
838 Tony Capaldi   Billingham 1
901 Martin White     1
934 Mick McArdle     1

F2 Stock Cars National Points Table

1 628 Kevin Stack 1130 Silver
2 686 Garry Hooper 861 Superstar
3 830 Trevor Whitney 824 Superstar
4 673 Errol Johnston 650 Superstar
5 24 Les Palmer 638 Superstar
6 33 Keith Stanford 634 Superstar
7 722 Paul Broatch 626 Superstar
8 698 Malcolm Locke 600 Gold
9 514 Chalky White 596 Red
10= 7 Jimmy Moodie 585 Red
10= 617 Mike James 585 Red
12 651 Garry Sansom 515 Red
13 753 Andy Morris 451 Red
14 595 Dave Bunt 439 Red
15 635 Steve Widdowson 433 Red
16 621 George Beckham 386 Red
17 175 Eric Brown Jnr 372 Red
18 49 Eric Moore 363 Red
19 800 Roy Goodman 360 Red
20 642 Dave Luscombe 348 Red
21 16 Jimmy Wallace 340 Red
22 78 Ron McVicor 295 Red
23 900 Bryn Thomas 289 Blue
24 179 Derek Kilday 286 Blue
25 790 Mark Taylor 254 Blue
26 804 Ian King 253 Red
27 766 Pete Hobson 243 Red
28 313 Gary Bark 235 Blue
29 100 George MacMillan Jnr 232 Blue
30 723 Alan Warriner 222 Blue
31 862 Les Burrows 220 Blue
32 70 Jake Lothian 215 Blue
33 561 Nick Lawrence 203 Blue
34 14 Jonathan Millicevic 193 Blue
35 52 Martin Lamb 179 Blue
36 890 Peter Rice 161 Blue
37= 41 Gordon McDougall 152 Red
37= 515 Chas Davidson 152 Blue
39 188 Ronnie Ford 137 Blue
40 31 Harry Simpson 136 Blue
41 51 Tim Lish 129 Blue
42 833 Bob Kaye 128 Blue
43 516 Norman Butcher 126 Blue
44= 744 Russell Taylor 125 Blue
44= 950 John Newton 125 Blue
46 667 Bill Batten 119 Red
47 689 Paul Butcher 114 Blue
48 69 Simon Chalky 113 Blue
49 87 Andy Rawlinson 112 Blue
50 558 Peter Weekes 111 Blue
51 701 John Thomson 108 Blue
52= 725 Brian Robson 103 Blue
52= 899 Phil Wyer 103 Blue
54 688 Alan Eastment 101 Blue
55 939 Denis Whitfield 100 Blue
56 748 Phill den Herder 95 Blue
57 15 Dave Attis 90 Blue
58 18 Trevor Jones 88 Yellow
59 36 Ed Pannett 86 Yellow
60 534 Ray Harbud 85 Yellow
61= 552 Simon Farrington 84 Yellow
61= 633 Duncan McConnel 84 Yellow
63 587 Paul Weekes 76 Yellow
64 924 Paul Carter 75 Yellow
65 760 John Lovett 73 Yellow
66 513 Roy Slocombe 72 Yellow
67 880 Ken Ferriday 69 Yellow
68 736 George Fulton 68 Yellow
69 737 Kevin Duckett 66 Yellow
70 19 Jock Threadgall 64 Yellow
70 68 Tommy Gilchrist 62 Yellow
72= 34 Paul Phillips 61 Yellow
72= 102 Tony Cole 61 Yellow
74 949 Geoff Yarham 60 Yellow
75 508 Andy Lingard 59 Yellow
76 769 Ian Fuggett 58 Yellow
77 554 Dave Buckley 56 Yellow
78 22 Geoff Burrows 54 Yellow
79 531 Geoff Dee 53 Yellow
80 571 Paul Parker 52 Yellow
81 227 Mike North 50 Yellow
82 654 Andrew Earl 49 Yellow
83 791 Neil Anderson 45 Yellow
84= 55 Barrie Hall 44 Yellow
84= 640 Graham Jude 44 Yellow
86= 62 Derek Donaldson 43 Yellow
86= 532 Ron Dyke 43 Yellow
88= 17 Kerry Wilson 41 Yellow
88= 585 Bill Morris 41 Yellow
90= 519 Paul Scorse 39 Yellow
90= 854 Dave Chance 39 Yellow
92 639 Malc Crosby 34 Yellow
93= 533 Mark Dalton 33 Yellow
93= 557 Andy Spence 33 Yellow
93= 586 Phil Cavanna 33 Yellow
93= 821 Steve Rutter 33 Yellow
97= 57 Paul Perkins 32 Yellow
97= 925 Graham Wilson 32 Yellow
99= 143 Ian Dominey 30 Yellow
99= 777 Doug Forbes 30 Yellow
99= 930 Geoff Bunn 30 Yellow
102 177 John Gilchrist 28 Yellow
103= 620 Rex Bradord 27 Yellow
103= 901 Martin White 27 Yellow
105= 11 Steve Tagg 26 Yellow
105= 682 Roger Powell 26 Yellow
107 95 Keith Newton 24 Yellow
108 28 Billy Fenwick 23 Yellow

 Most wins in 1984 at Newtongrange

Pos No Name Finals Heats   Pos No Name Finals Heats
1st 673 Errol Johnston 8 21   15th 179 Derek Kilday 0 8
2nd 33 Keith Stanford 7 11   16th= 49 Eric Moore 0 6
3rd  7 Jimmy Moodie 5 11   16th= 722 Paul Broatch 0 6
4th  175 Eric Brown Jnr 5 2   18th 78 Ronnie McVicor 0 4
5th  686 Garry Hooper 3 5   19th= 51 Tim Lish 0 3
6th 515 Chas Davidson 2 2   19th= Ir34 Jimmy Greenwood 0 3
7th  830 Trevor Whitney 1 5   21st= 621 George Beckham 0 2
8th= 70 Jake Lothian 1 1   21st= 744 Russell Taylor 0 2
8th= 100 George MacMillan Jnr 1 1   23rd= 766 Pete Hobson 0 1
8th= 899 Phil Wyer 1 1   23rd= 41 Gordon McDougall 0 1
11th = 313 Gary Bark 1 0   23rd= 900 Bryn Thomas 0 1
11th = 24 Les Palmer 1 0   23rd= 595 Dave Bunt 0 1
11th = 698 Malcolm Locke 1 0   23rd= 628 Kevin Stack 0 1
11th = 907 John Dawe 1 0            

most top scoring meetings

Pos No Name Meetings
1st 673 Errol Johnston 10
2nd 33 Keith Stanford 6
3rd  175 Eric Brown Jnr 4
4th=  51 Tim Lish 2
4th=  686 Garry Hooper 2
4th=  830 Trevor Whitney 2
7th=  7 Jimmy Moodie 1
7th=  16 Jimmy Wallace 1
7th=  49 Eric Moore 1
7th=  313 Gary Bark 1
7th=  515 Chas Davidson 1
7th=  595 Dave Bunt 1
7th=  621 George Beckham 1
7th=  722 Paul Broatch 1
7th=  800 Roy Goodman 1
7th=  899 Phil Wyer 1



West of Scotland Championship - 1st April   World Qualifying Round - 29th April
1st 673 Errol Johnston   1st 24 Les Palmer
2nd 51 Tim Lish   2nd 628 Kevin Stack
3rd 49 Eric Moore   3rd 830 Trevor Whitney
4th 70 John Lothian   4th 7 Jimmy Moodie
5th 78 Ronnie McVicor   5th 686 Garry Hooper
6th 19 Jock Threadgall   6th 694 Barry Plowman
7th 719 J Aitchison   7th 177 John Gilchrist
8th 712 Bill Paxton   8th 722 Paul Broatch
Scottish Championship - 28th July   World Championship - 9th September
1st 686 Garry Hooper    
2nd 673 Errol Johnston   1st 698 Malcolm Locke
3rd 7 Jimmy Moodie   2nd 628 Kevin Stack
4th 179 Derek Kilday   3rd 561 Nick Lawrence
5th 33 Keith Stanford   4th 1 Dave Bunt
6th 77 Ronnie McVicor   5th 7 Jimmy Moodie
7th 100 George MscMillan Jnr   6th 673 Errol Johnston
8th 939 Dennis Whitfield   7th Ire94 Billy Allison
        8th 790 Mike Taylor
Scotland V England - 27th October   Radio Forth Grand National - 18th November
    1st 673 Errol Johnston
1st 673 Errol Johnston   2nd 33 Keith Stanford
2nd 722 Paul Broatch   3rd 628 Kevin Stack
3rd 7 Jimmy Moodie   4th 744 Russell Taylor
4th 686 Garry Hooper   5th 100 George MacMillan Jnr
5th 188 Ronnie Ford   6th 790 Mike Taylor
6th 62 Derek Donaldson   7th 722 Paul Broatch
7th 725 Brian Robson   8th 175 Eric Brown Jnr
8th 16 Jimmy Wallace        


In addition to the major championship wins at Newtongrange, a number of Finals attracted additional sponsorship, the winners of these were as follows:-

"MOTOQUOTE INSURANCE" 08.01.84 1st 313 Garry Bark 2nd 7 Jimmy Moodie 3rd  33 Keith Stanford
"AUSSIE SPRINT TROPHY" 11.03.84 1st 175 Eric Brown Jnr 2nd 686 Garry Hooper 3rd 501 Bill Trout
"BORDER TROPHY" 13.05.84 1st 515 Chas Davidson 2nd 78 Ron McVicor 3rd 939 Dennis Whitfield
"WILIIE HUNTER MEMORIAL" 26.05.84 1st 686 Garry Hooper 2nd 515 Chas Davidson 3rd 673 Errol Johnston
"SUPPORTERS CLUB TROPHY" 25.08.84 1st 686 Garry Hooper 2nd 899 Phil Wyer 3rd 673 Errol Johnston
"NEWTONGRANGE STAR FC TROPHY" 29.09.84 1st 33 Keith Stanford 2nd 49 Eric Moore 3rd 41 Gordon McDougall
"STARTING GRID TROPHY" 20.10.84 1st 70 John Lothian 2nd 33 Keith Stanford 3rd 100 George MacMillan Jnr


Derek Kilday puts up a fine display with a 37 point haul in March

There were a number of visitors from across the border at the New Year Holiday Meeting on the 8th January, with a couple of particularly long distance travellers in the shape of Garry Hooper & Les Palmer. The meeting was sponsored by "Motaquote Insurance Brokers" of Galashiels. It was announced in the programme that Gordon McDougall had succeeded in securing the Stock Car World Championship. A remarkable achievement as the Promotion entered only its 4th year of existence.
One Nitten regular Eric Moore was uncertain to be seen this season following the sale of his car to ex Ministox driver John Fortune.
The weather for the holiday meeting was very average & it was Bradford traveller Gary Bark who made the best of it, two heat 2nds & a Final win from Jimmy Moodie.The other heat wins went to Keith Stanford & Ronnie McVicor.


The "Aussie Sprint Trophy" (courtesy of Dave Seaton) was up for grabs at the opening points scoring meeting of the season on the 11th March. 
In the F2 Stock Cars Jimmy Moodie looked to be cantering through to the major honours in the Final in his new Higman until a stuck throttle sent him straight into the fence. Eric Brown winner of one of the earlier heats drove through to win the trophy. Reigning National Points Champ Garry Hooper on another long trip from Devon won the 2nd heat & Ronnie McVicor the Grand National.
Jimmy Moodie made up for the previous week's misfortune by taking a well deserved Final win at meeting 2 of the season. Sunderland regular, yellow roof Tim Lish won both heats, his first wins. Jake Lothian was the Grand National victor.

Ex Scottish Superstox man, white roof Derek Kilday was the surprise performer at the 25th March meeting. Despite a 37 point haul through heat & Grand National wins & 2nd places in heat & Final he was surpassed by Eric Brown with 38 points who was back on form with Final win, heat 4th & 4th in the Grand National from his lap handicap.

673 Errol Johnson West of Scotland Champion 1984

West of Scotland Championship day at the start of April, & there were 4 different winners in the F2's, heat wins for Derek Kilday, Eric Brown & Tim Lish. The West of Scotland Championship went to the winner of the Final. Errol Johnston in his 3rd season of racing was the new champion. The race had its fair share of controversial incidents. Eric Brown & Jimmy Moodie had a bit of a tete a tete. Eric had managed to slip past Jimmy in so doing Jimmy clattered the home straight fence. He recovered though & of course as Eric came round to lap him there was quite a severe clash, the result of which saw both combatants in the fence. The race was stopped while Eric was extricated from his car suffering concussion & indeed spending the night in hospital. When the race re-commenced Errol hit the front, Tim Lish was Errol's closest rival & he did close the gap, however Errol held on for his first major title. The rest of the finishing order was Tilm Lish, Eric Moore & John Lothian.

April's 2nd meeting marked the first floodlit evening meeting of the season & it served up plenty of incidents. Reigning European Champion Trevor Whitney made one of his infrequent but nearly always successful visits to Nitten & proceeded to clean up. In fact he came oh so close to securing the maximum when he achieved 2nd in the Grand National from his lap handicap. Eric Moore winning that particular race.

15th April & four different winners in the F2's. Jimmy Moodie the first, Errol Johnston the 2nd. The Final was a bit of a classic with the winner taking the lead in the last few seconds of the race. That winner was Eric Brown back from a couple of weeks off through injury. Eric had a bit of a task trying to catch Derek Kilday who had shot out to a substantial lead from his white grade starting slot. This Eric achieved though with just a few metres to spare. Eric Moore picked himself up another Grand National victory.
The end of the first points period produced the following points table:-
F2 Newtongrnage Track Points
1) 175 Eric Brown
2) 673 Errol Johnston
3) 51 Tim Lish

F2 National Points
1) 830 Trevor Whitney
2) 628 Kevin Stack
3) 175 Eric Brown
4) 51 Tim Lish
5) 179 Derek Kilday
6) 7 Jimmy Moodie
7) 673 Errol Johnston
8) 24 Les Palmer
9) 722 Paul Broatch
10) 686 Garry Hooper

23 F2 Stock Cars were in attendance at the 21st April meeting. Derek Kilday held out Eric Brown in the first heat. While Jimmy Moodie continued the winning habit from the previous week in the 2nd, this one from John Gilchrist. Jimmy then went on to win the Final, Eric Moore & Tim Lish the minor podium positions. How many Grand Nationals is Eric Moore going to win this year?, he chalked up another one with John Gilchrist again runner up. Keith Stanford made a welcome return to the track at this meeting having missed a month with a hand injury. 

Last meeting in April was the F2 World Qualifying Round. 29 cars were in attendance. Full meeting schedule was adopted & Jimmy Moodie kicked off the action with a well deserved win from Pete Hobson & Les Palmer. Trevor Whitney took a flier at the start of the 2nd heat which wasn't penalised, Kevin Stack & Eric Moore the minor spots this time, Gordon McDougall made an appearance in this one and collected a 7th posie.
The Consolation produced a well earned victory to Chick Davidson from George MacMillan. The Final was very very fast & very very exciting. Derek Kilday & Jimmy Moodie made the initial running. Jimmy opening up a substantial lead, however an express train of Les Palmer & Kevin Stack were bearing down. Sure enough with 5 to go they caught up with Jimmy, he didn't yield easily though, but get through they did. So Les Palmer repeated his feat of the previous year by collecting the win in the Qualifying Round. It's a long way from his home town of Plymouth in Devon but he has certainly been making it worth while. The rest of the finishing order was Kevin Stack, Trevor Whitney, Jimmy Moodie, Garry Hooper & Barry Plowman. Derek Kilday was the victor in the 23 car field Radio Forth Grand National bringing Eric Moore's winning streak to an end. Trevor Whitney being his closest challenger.

515 Chick Davidson Final winner in May but things can still go wrong

May's opener saw the F2 field down to 19 cars from the previous weeks high turnout. Paul Broatch produced a return to form with two heat wins, the first more convincing than the 2nd. The reason for this was that it was Eric Brown who "followed" Paul home in the latter heat & both Paul & Eric were now racing for the Warren Taylor team. This could not be said of the Final though, when Eric snuck up the inside of Paul on the last lap to collect the spoils. Paul again showed his class in the Grand National only to suffer mechanical issues while leading. Eric Moore was in the correct spot to pick up another National victory.
13th May & the Border Trophies for F2 Stock Cars was the Final victor's prize. It was a memorable race though maybe not for the reasons we would like. Proceedings commenced with heat 1 being captured by Pete Hobson in his usual incisive manner. While Eric Moore decided he was fed up winning only Radio Forth Grand Nationals & duly won the 2nd heat. On to the Final - the headline in the Edinburgh Evening News read "Yellow Flag Rule Brings More Chaos" & then commenced "What A Shambles".
Trouble commenced when a blown engine provided a liberal coating of oil on the track which resulted in a massive pile up on the pits bend. The race was stopped while George MacMillan was provided with medical assistance. Meeting Steward Ronald Featch better known as "Fearless Featch" made sure there were to be few re-starters.
This was due to the perception that most of the runners had received outside assistance to return to the fray. Two protagonists refused to accept the "Ruler" and re-started the race with the handful of legitimate runners. The naughty boys being Errol Johnston & Paul Broatch & it would seem they in fact "Did Not" receive any outside assistance - but as they say you have to abide by the umpires decision - even if it is "rat shit". Many black flags were shown - and ignored!  Come the end of the race much vigorous debate then ensued with regard to who had actually won & the injustices of disqualification. "Fearless" displayed his best "the Stewards not for turning" display & the race was eventually awarded to Chick Davidson - only 4 cars were classified at the finish. Broatchie did not appear for the Radio Forth Grand National & Keith Stanford went on to record his first win since his comeback. Promoter Gordon McDougall came through for 2nd.
19th May
2nd Grading Period Points
F2 Newtongrnage Track Points
1) 175 Eric Brown 165 points
2) 49 Eic Moore 159 points
3) 7 Jimmy Moodie 143 points

 F2 National Points
1) 830 Trevor Whitney
2) 628 Kevin Stack
3) 175 Eric Brown
4) 51 Tim Lish
5) 179 Derek Kilday
6) 7 Jimmy Moodie
7) 673 Errol Johnston
8) 24 Les Palmer
9) 722 Paul Broatch
10) 686 Garry Hooper

17 F2 Stock Cars started the meeting & Chick Davidson proved that his Final win the previous week was not a flash in the pan by winning the first heat from Ronnie Ford.
Chick could not repeat his win as he lost a wheel early in the 2nd heat. Errol Johnston was the 2nd heat victor from promoter Gordon McDougall. Chick Davidson shot off into the lead in the Final. Another blown engine resulted in oil being spread around the track again. This of course was the catalyst of the mayhem & controversy from the previous week. Chick however evidently excels in extremely slippery conditions, he held his nerve as he did last week & amazingly made it two Finals in a row. The experienced freight train of Errol Johnstone, Gordon McDougall, Keith Stanford & Jimmy Moodie, couldn't do anything about it. It looked as though another novice would pick up the Grand National when Ronnie Ford went into the lead however with only 3 to go he spun out. Errol Johnstone was first passed the flag.
The final meeting in May was the "Willie Hunter Memorial Trophy" for each of the formulae & the F2 races certainly had added spice in them. Paul Broatch had forced his way to the front early on in the first & looked to be coasting to a relatively easy win while his adversaries slowed each other up. Then as the race reached it's conclusion he started to visibly slow & only just held out in the end from Gordon McDougall.
Heat two and late arrival Trevor Whitney again demonstrated his affection for Nitten by collecting another win (this time in a brand new car). Paul Broatch had righted the wrongs on the mechanical side and came home in the runner up spot. Broatchie made sure Trevor did not win the Final by forcing him wide into the fence. Garry Hooper helped justify the massive round trip from Devon by coming through to take the Trophy, spectacular novice Chick Davidson maintained his recent good form by following Garry home. Trevor Whitney avoided Paul Broatch in the Radio Forth Grand National by speeding away from him and gaining some solace for his failure in the Final. Jimmy Moodie captured 2nd in this one.

33 Keith Stanford, 16 Jimmy Wallace

June's opener produced a very disappointing 13 F2 Stock Cars on display with only one visitor from over the border in Paul Broatch. The races in turn were not up to the usual standard. Jimmy Moodie & Eric Moore won the heats. Gordon McDougall was on his way to his first Final win for a long time until his engine blew up. This caused the usual mayhem for the following drivers. George MacMillan mastered the slippery conditions to take his first Final of the season. Jimmy Moodie made it two wins in the evening in the Grand National.
At the following meeting the F2 numbers were up a bit at 17 cars - with a few more English visitors, George MacMillan won the first heat - yes I know how could that be possible? George at the track in time for the first heat - amazing! Keith Stanford won the 2nd heat & then his first Final of the season, a slightly oily track bringing Keith's car control to the fore. Keith as always prays for rain - & - there hasn't been any - how can that be - no rain at Nitten? Errol Johnston picked up the Grand National.
Mid June bash  & Jimmy Moodie captured the first F2 heat from Jimmy Wallace. Jimmy hasn't been mentioned much, but he had been accumulating some good positions of late, indeed he was 2nd highest points scorer at a meeting a couple of weeks previously. Errol Johnston pipped Jimmy Moodie to the win in the 2nd heat a result which was then repeated in the Final. First Final win for Errol for a couple of months. Jimmy was victorious in the Grand National though this time form Keith Stanford.
Points Positions after 15 meetings
F2 Newtongrnage Track Points

1) 7 Jimmy Moodie 241 points
2) 673 Errol Johnston 231 points
3) 49 Eic Moore 228 points

F2 National Points Chart
1) Kevin Stack - Devon - 391 points
2) Trevor Whitney - Northampton - 359 points
3) Garry Hooper - Exmouth - 314 points
4) Paul Broatch - North Yorkshire - 310 points
5) Jimmy Moody - Windygates - 273 points
6) Les Palmer - Plymouth - 253 points
7) Keith Stanford - Wormit - 225 points
8) Eric Moore - West Calder - 205 points
9) Errol Johnston - Galashiels - 197 points
10) Mike James - St Austell - 179 points

Last outing before the holiday break & another very poor turn out of F2's at only 12 cars - low car turn outs often do occur at this time of year. Eric Brown was back in action after his expensive engine blow up, having to endure an absence while saving up some money to pay for new hardware. He was going very well too until he collected Keith Stanford putting them both out of the running. Gordon McDougall gratefully accepted this scenario to take the honours. Errol Johnston captured the 2nd heat (he had cancelled a trip to contest the European Championship in Ireland so he could appear at Nitten & maintain his challenge for the track championship). Eric Brown was 2nd. The Final was a very closely fought battle between the aforementioned Eric Brown, Errol Johnstone & Jimmy Moodie. That in the end was the finishing order though Eric only managed to slip through to the lead with two laps to go. The Radio Forth Grand National was brought to an abrupt halt when Errol Johnstone & Chick Davidson locked together & hit the fence. Jimmy Moodie made hay, with his nemesis out, for a comfortable victory.
Eric Kilday achieved creditable 6th in the European Championship in Northern Ireland. Kevin Stack the winner.

Final winner in July 686 Garry Hooper (photo Jim Turner)


On the return from the holiday break & for the first time & in the middle of summer we had a meeting which was affected by rain - luckily the downpour only came down in the latter stages of the meeting.
2nd half of the season commenced with a rain affected meeting. Errol Johnstone was in superb form winning both heats, the Grand National & second in the wet Final.
In that Final though it was Jimmy Moodie who turned on the style - in fact he lapped every other runner up to Errol Johnstone in 2nd.That is what I would call a "destroyation" display. In the Grand National Jimmy was equally impressive by roaring through to 3rd from his lap handicap. That other wet weather specialist Keith Stanford was in the 2nd spot.
On the 21st July Errol Johnston continued his winning habit from last week in capturing both heats & Final. There was another confrontation between Eric Brown & Jimmy Moodie in heat 2. This time it was Jimmy that got planted. Both were forced to retire, but both appeared later in the meeting. Ronnie McVicor collected the Grand National victory.
28th July was the date chosen for the Scottish Championship for F2's. Sponsored once again by "Cochrane's Garages of Edinburgh". With the World F2 Championship scheduled for the Speed Weekend the F2's were moved to a Saturday night meeting, this resulted in a substantially smaller field of cars compared to the recent events - nonetheless 22 cars attended the meeting. Errol Johnston notched up another win in the first heat making his current form 7 wins out of the last 9 races & a hot favourite for the title. However National Points Champ Garry Hooper was in attendance & he followed up his 2nd place in the first heat with a win in the 2nd. John Gilchrist was unable to defend his title however Tommy Gilchrist had been going pretty well at this meeting having secured a 3rd in the first heat & a 7th in the 2nd. It looked at one point that he may keep it in the family. Errol Johnston however battled past & it looked as though he would get his just rewards. Garry however was travelling markedly quicker and he then demoted Errol to 2nd. Jimmy Moodie collected 3rd. Jimmy then went on to secure the Radio Forth Grand National win from the speedy Tommy Gilchrist & Derek Kilday

Garry hit a bit of trouble now & again

Surprise visitors for the first meeting on the 4th August were Garry Hooper & George Beckham. I don't know if the latter just got his dates wrong thinking the Scottish Championship was this week! After having made the long trek from Devon the previous week - albeit with the ultimate success it was just not expected that Garry would do the same the following week. Garry couldn't emulate his victory of the previous week though while George on the on the other hand had a great meeting, opening heat 3rd, winning the next heat, 2nd in the Final & Grand National victory. The other success in the evening's events was Errol Johnston with a heat & Final victory.
11th August & in the F2 ranks Derek Kilday & Keith Stanford were first past the flag in reduced fields of cars (15 & 11 cars respectively). Phil Wyer was the surprise victor in the Final taking his first win at Newtongrange & making the trip from Chester-le-Street well worth while, Phil was one of the attendees at Newtongrange's opening meeting, so it had taken a wee while. Keith Stanford & Pete Hobson followed him home. The fields were reduced due to some of the regulars racing in the semi-final at Taunton.

Errol Johnston was the top local finisher at Taunton in 6th won by Malcolm Locke from Dave Bunt. There was a substantial pile up at the first corner taking out a number of the top runners. Pole man Les Palmer avoided this to take the lead only to crash out 1/4 into the race. Eric Brown suffered a puncture which resulted in a retirement, unfortunately his car suffered considerable damage when collected by other vehicles during the race. Veteran Taunton Promoter Roy Goodman moved into the lead which he extended into more than 1/2 a lap only to crash out on the last lap when avoiding a backmarker - such is Stock Car Racing.

Back at Newtongrange Jimmy Moodie was the victor in the Radio Forth Grand National. Long distance traveller Garry Hooper had an awful night - 6th in the Grand National after incurring a fair bit of damage in the first heat was all he could muster.
18th August & the F2 numbers were expected to take another hit with the 2nd Semi-Final taking place at Skegness. Pleasantly surprising then to have 22 cars arrive for action. Errol Johnston was simply awesome with a clean sweep,  both heats and Final. He even managed a 5th from his lap handicap in the Grand National, this race picked up by Paul Broatch.
Goodies up for all formulae on the 25th August in the shape of the "Supporters' Club Trophies". Garry Hooper who collected the "fans" award for the F2 Stock Cars he had now travelled in excess of 4000 miles in the past month to compete at Nitten. He again top scored with heat 2nd, heat & Final wins & 6th in the Radio Forth Grand National from his lap handicap. Errol Johnston picked up heat 1 & Phill Wyer followed up a second in the Final with a win in the National.

F2 World Championship line up

Penultimate meeting on 1st September prior to the big two day World Final meeting & there was an expectation that participants would be taking things a bit easier.
This did not eventuate. Paul Broatch secured heat 1 from Errol Johnston, then Errol went on to take the 2nd heat, while the Final had three of the Scottish qualifiers for the following week's World Final taking the first three spots, Jimmy Moodie the win, followed by Errol Johnston & Eric Moore. Errol then went on to secure the Radio Forth Grand National to compile a massive points haul for the day.

8th & 9th September, 1984. The Formula Two Stock Car Championship of the World. This was the culmination of a dream for promoter Gordon McDougall. In a tour of the stadium 5 years previously, before it was even certain that there would be permission to race at Newtongrange. Gordon related his vision to "Edinburgh Evening News" reporter & close friend Ian Fraser. It was difficult for Ian to see, but not for Gordon. He described a scenario with 1000's of spectators, 100's of competitors, fans camping overnight to attend a Speed Weekend of racing with the main feature being a World Championship. We all need people of vision. 5 years of hard graft by Gordon & his many friends & colleagues had brought this to fruition. Tens of thousands of Stock Car fans were and are eternally grateful for this man's foresight. He has been described as the saviour of Stock Car Racing in Scotland and in "his" time I believe that to be the case. Just as Roy Cecil was the saviour in the early 60's.

The stars of the show the F2's got proceedings under way with a heat consisting of no less than 38 cars contesting the "How & Blackhall Printers" trophy. Of course this developed into a chaotic opener, however, it did illustrate the standard of the competition in the shape of the drivers & their race cars from Northern Ireland. Jimmy Greenwood was the victor heading home Taunton promoter Roy Goodman & John Dawe from Cornwall. Another large field for heat 2 "Fast Light Bandits" trophy (Warren Taylor's solid fuel supply company) with 31 cars & amazingly the first 3 past the flag were the same, Jimmy Greenwood taking another win with John Dawe the runner up spot this time & Roy Goodman in 3rd. Bit of a strange format with no consolation or Grand National & only 20 qualifiers for the Final - not sure about that? Usual problems associated with trying to cram 5 formulae into 12 races. So the small field of 20 cars lined up for the "Blast Clean Services" Final (Derek Donaldson's Sand blasting company). Keith Stanford was the Final victor from Paul Broatch & the amazingly consistent Roy Goodman in 3rd.

On to the big day's proceedings & the first heat sponsored by "AA Components" consisting of 34 cars and Jimmy Greenwood went through to his 3rd win of the weekend. There were a large number of contenders for the World Championship very pleased that Jimmy wasn't a qualifier for the event. John Dawe also displayed his liking for the track & the acquisition of the ex Billy Batten car by coming home 2nd & his third podium of the weekend. George MacMillan was the 3rd man home.

1984 F2 World Champion Malcolm Locke (photo Jim Turner)

The World F2 Championship was sponsored by "Misty's Nite Spot" & the "Meadowbank Snooker Centre". 30 drivers rolled out to be presented to the fans. Pole position was occupied by Malcolm Locke by virtue of his Semi-Final win at Skegness, while on his outside was Chalky White the Semi-Final winner at Taunton. The other positions at the front of the grid were occupied in ascending order by Kevin Stack, reigning champ Dave Bunt, Mike James & Nick Lawrence. The power of the South West of England was there for all to see - in qualifying order - Dorset, Sidmouth (Devon), Cullompton (Devon), Saltash (Cornwall), & St Austell (Cornwall). As can often happen in these races the great anticipation helped produce a bit of an anti-climax. Malcolm Locke was simply in devastating form, he was by some margin the quickest driver on track & of course he was at the front. Chalky White therefore knew he had to get rid of Malcolm at the start & while his efforts were enthusiastic. In these "remove the opposition" efforts, you have to be fully committed - don't apply the brakes at all & cut across the corner so that you can almost smash into the side of the opposition kind of like Dave Polley's removal of Gordon Moodie at the Skegness World Final in 2010 (Check out the You Tube video). Apparently this is quite within the rules!
Chalky's challenge disappeared on the 10th lap with damaged steering. Malcolm thus secured a flag to flag victory, the podium places were taken by Kevin Stack & Nick Lawrence in a distant 3rd.. The other finishing positions were 4th - Dave Bunt, 5th - Jimmy Moodie (Windygates), 6th - Errol Johnston (Stow), 7th - Billy Allison (Northern Ireland), 8th - Mark Taylor (Bacup), 9th - Ian McNight (Northern Ireland), 10th - Andy Morris (Doncaster).

The Consolation heat on Sunday was sponsored by the ex Scottish Superstox Champion Ronnie Anderson. The "RD Anderson Haulage" Trophy. 27 cars started & Bryn Thomas from Buckfastleigh (Devon) took the chequered flag from Chalky White & another fine drive from Roy Goodman in 3rd.
"Dalkeith Auto Wheels" Final produced a very close battle between John Dawe (eventual winner) & Dave Bunt, & George MacMillan. Dave made up for just missing out on the Final with a fantastic display in the "Radio Forth Grand National" with Errol Johnston in 2nd & Mark Taylor in 3rd.

Following Nitten's highest ever spectator turnout at the triumphant Speed Weekend the two week break brought the lowest ever attendance. In the F2's a respectable 23 cars made the journey on a truly miserable wet night. However there is one chap who as we know revels in the wet - one Keith Stanford. Keith was splendiferous - two clinical heat victories & a Final win. Keith wasn't able to demonstrate his skills from the lap handicap when the Grand National was brought to a premature end due to some on track debris. Derek Kilday picking up this one.

29th September Newtongrange Star FC Trophies were on offer for all formulae bar the Superbangers. Another 23 car F2 turnout & another dominant display from Keith Stanford - this time in the dry! It seems that Keith had been competing of late with a limited slip diff which wasn't limited slipping! This had been fixed for the previous weeks achievements and so it continued this week with a win & 2nd place in the heats & victory in the Final. Jimmy Moodie was the other heat winner. Jock Threadgall was a bit of a surprise victor in the Radio Forth Grand National.

70 Jake Lothian October Final winner

First meeting in October and 25 F2's made the grid including Russell Taylor in his flash new bewinged supercar. The car was a goer and ran away with both the heats with fellow North of England compatriot Pete Hobson in runner up spot. The Final was halted while Russell & his now not so sparkling car were extracted from the fence. Victim of a sticking throttle. Amazingly in almost the exact spot where a similar event happened a couple of years before. Thankfully Russell was unhurt. Pete Hobson was unable to start the Final. Jimmy Moodie won the Final from Errol Johnston & Eric Moore. Various delays resulted in the Grand National being cancelled.
"Motorway Tyres" were sponsoring the F2 Final on the 13th October & 24 cars fronted up for the battle. Errol Johnston won the first heat & Garry Hooper the 2nd. In the Final the track was a touch greasy which was just right for you know who "limited slip Stanford", Eric Moore & Russell Taylor captured the podium positions. Errol Johnston was again first past the flag in the Radio forth Grand National & this win was sufficient to ensure that he could not be headed in the 1984 F2 Track Championship - a fine effort from the man from Stow. Derek Kilday & Eric Brown collected the minor placings.
Another sponsorship event for the F2's on the 20th October. This week it was courtesy of of the "Starting Grid" chain of motor accessory shops. Not quite the numbers of recent events but nonetheless the 18 cars put up an entertaining display. Derek Kilday had a good race in heat 1 pipping Jimmy Wallace. Heat 2 and it was the Keith Stanford, George MacMillan one two. Jake Lothian put up a fine effort to pick up his first Final win from a hard charging Keith Stanford & George Mac. Keith made up for this narrow defeat with his 2nd win of the day in the Radio Forth Grand National.

On the 27th October we had the 2nd part of an event which had last taken place back in the 1960's as far as F2 Stock Car Racing is concerned that being a Scotland V England challenge competition. The first leg had taken pace at Hartlepool the week before & Scotland held a fairly slim 6 points lead despite Garry Hooper & Pete Hobson taking the first two spots in the race.
Gordon McDougall & Warren Taylor were the team managers responsible for team selection. The field was made up of equal numbers of cars from each team in each grade.
One white top each, two yellow tops in each, four blue tops in each (though England only managed three in the event) & four red tops (though England managed only three). Scotland duly completed the victory in the event but it was very close. Garry Hooper was the early leader however and as you might have expected the clashes between the respective team drivers was "forceful". Paul Broatch was going extremely well dealing with Keith Stanford, however Errol Johnston was travelling a stormer & he was visably catching Garry Hooper. The big hit did not eventuate though as Garry tangled up with Eric Moore in a lapping manouvre allowing Errol to shoot through for the win, Broatchy had withstood some extreme pressure from Jimmy Moodie earlier in the race and took a deserved 2nd. The aforementioned Jimmy Moodie had slipped back down to 4th however he managed to slip past Garry at the line. The Final finishing order was:-

1st Errol Johnston - Scotland
2nd Paul Broatch - England
3rd Jimmy Moodie - Scotland
4th Garry Hooper - England
5th Ronnie Ford - Scotland
6th Derek Donaldson - Scotland
7th Brian Robson - England
8th Jimmy Wallace - Scotland

Garry Hopper won the first 28 car heat from Errol Johnston & Paul Broatch. Errol then reversed this finishing order in the Final winning from Garry, Paul earning another 3rd. Paul then reinforced his good weekend with victory in the Radio forth Grand National.



4th November No F2 Stock Cars on the programme. 

One weeks break and then on to the last meeting of the season the "Radio Forth Grand National Finale" 26 cars lined up for the big event, though only 25 started, for some obscure reason Garry Hooper who had only just arrived at the track in time from his long trip, refused to start in his allocated grid position. He pulled off after only a couple of laps, so presumably Garry had detected some mechanical malfunction on his trip out from the pits which persuaded him of the requirement for starting at the rear of the field. Errol Johnston's performances during the year had earned him pole position, the complete grid looked like this:-

673 Errol Johnson   7 Jimmy Moodie
33 Keith Stanford   49 Eric Moore
78 Ronnie McVicor   179 Derek Kilday
175 Eric Brown   100 George MacMillan Jnr
899 Phill Wyer   16 Jimmy Wallace
41 Gordon McDougall   722 Paul Broatch
736 George Fulton   70 Jock Lothian
177 John Gilchrist   790 Mark Taylor
188 Ronnie Ford   515 Chick Davidson
628 Kevin Stack   744 Russell Taylor
62 Derek Donaldon   19 Jock Threadgall
621 George Beckham   939 Dennis Whitfield
686 Garry Hooper   64 John Fortune

Despite Errol's pole position it was Jimmy Moodie who burst into the lead however Errol placed continuous pressure & got past around the half way mark, he went on to win by a reasonably comfortable margin although Keith Stanford did close down the lead a bit by the finish. Kevin Stack just pipped Russell Taylor who came home 4th, George MacMillan 5th & Mark Taylor 6th. On the day there was a 30 car heat, Kevin Stack forced his way through from the very rear of the field in this one to win this time followed by Russell Taylor & Jimmy Moodie. The Final was sponsored by stock car journalist & programme contributor Kenny Calderwood, this one produced a great drive from Keith Stanford, Jimmy Moodie & Russell Taylor captured the other podium slots.

There was one more meeting that made it into 1984 & that was the winter holiday meeting on the 30th December. Keith Stanford had a superb meeting with a heat win, heat 3rd & Final victory. John Fortune also went extremely well with two 2nd place finishes in one heat & the Final.

Radio Forth Grand National winner 1984 Errol Johnston

Hot Rods   27 cars

4 Ronnie McLaren   112 Greg Cocker
8 Charlie Brown   127 Alex Grant
14 N/A   154 Ian Headley
17 Willie Walker   181 Dave McLaren
19 Alan Sibbald   194 Bob Benson
25 Gerry Martin   197 N/A
27 Brian Murdoch   208 Graham Cotterrell
37 Ian Simpson   222 Tommy Heard
66 Ian Dickie   235 Duncan Robertson
77 Ian McGuigan   244 Mark Horsburgh
78 Jimmy Main   299 David Philp
84 John Cowe   323 Brian Middlemiss
102 Ronnie McKenzie   E77 N/A
111 Bruce Henderson      


Impeccably Turned Out As Always, Credit To The Sport 299 Davy Philp (photo Jim Turner)

Hot Rod Points Championship

Pos No Name Pts
1st 299 Dave Philp 889
2nd 66 Ian Dickie 554
3rd 208 Graham Cotterell 460
4th 17 Willie Walker 426
5th 25 Gerryh Martin 365
6th 154 Ian Headley 310
7th 127 Alex Grant 297
8th 84 John Cowe 218
9th 235 Duncan Robertson 210
10th 102 Ronnie McKenzie 119
11th 8 Charlie Brown 83
12th 112 Greg Cocker 66
13th 77 Ian McGuigan 60
14th 4 Ronnie McLaren 58
15th 181 Dave McLaren 56
16th 323 Brian middlemiss 51
17th 19 Alan Sibbald 34
18th 37 Ian Simpson 30

Attendance records (although records are reasonbaly good for 1984, these should still be considered the minimum attendances)

Out of 36 possible meetings.

66 Ian Dickie 32   37 Ian Simpson 6
299 David Philp 31   181 Dave McLaren 6
208 Graham Cotterrell 30   4 Ronnie McLaren 5
25 Gerry Martin 26   112 Greg Cocker 5
17 Willie Walker 25   244 Mark Horsburgh 4
235 Duncan Robertson 23   27 Brian Murdoch 3
84 John Cowe 22   111 Bruce Henderson 3
127 Alex Grant 18   19 Alan Sibbald 2
8 Charlie Brown 17   194 Bob Benson 2
154 Ian Headley 17   222 Tommy Heard 2
77 Ian McGuigan 10   14 N/A 1
78 Jimmy Main 10   197 N/A 1
102 Ronnie McKenzie 9   E77 N/A 1
323 Brian Middlemiss 7        


most wins in 1984

Pos No Name Finals Heats
1st 299 Dave Philp 23 38
2nd 154 Ian Headley 6 7
3rd 235 Duncan Robertson 2 1
4th 127 Alex Grant 1 6
5th 17 Willie Walker 1 5
6th 66 Ian Dickie 1 0
7th= 25 Gerry Martin 0 3
7th= 208 Graham Cotterrell 0 3
7th= 102 Ronnie McKenzie 0 3
10th= 81 N/A 0 1
10th= 181 Dave McLaren 0 1

most top points scores

Pos No Name Meetings
1st 299 Dave Philp 26
2nd 154 Ian Headley 4
3rd 17 Willie Walker 3
4th= 127 Alex Grant 2
4th= 235 Duncan Robertson 2
6th= 66 Ian Dickie 1
6th= 208 Graham Cotterrell 1

West of Scotland Championship - 1st April                           Scottish Championship - 8th September 

1st 299 Davy Philp   1st 299 Davy Philp
2nd 17 Willie Walker   2nd 17 Willie Walker
3rd 208 Graham Cotterrell   3rd 127 Alex Grant
4th 77 Ian McGuigan   4th  66 Ian Dickie
5th 222 Tommy Heard   5th  208 Graham Cotterrell
6th 8 Charlie Brown   6th 84 John Cowe
7th   NOF   7th 37  Ian Simpson
8th   NOF   8th 194  Bob Benson


Champion of Champions  18th November

1st 299 Davy Philp
2nd 235 Duncan Robertson
3rd 25 Gerry Martin
4th  84 John Cowe
5th 208  Graham Cotterrell
6th 78  James Main
7th 66  Ian Dickie
8th   NOF


In addition to the major championship wins at Newtongrange, a number of Finals attracted additional sponsorship, the winners of these were as follows:-

"MOTOQUOTE INSURANCE" 08.01.84 1st 66 Ian Dickie 2nd 25 Gerry Martin 3rd   NOF
"BRIAN HENNIKER TROPHY" 11.03.84 1st 299 Davy Philp 2nd 4 Ronnie McLaren 3rd 25 Gerry Martin
"WILLIE HUNTER MEMORIAL" 26.05.84 1st 299 Davy Philp 2nd 102 Ronnie McKenzie 3rd 84 John Cowe
"GORDON CAMPBELL TROPHY" 18.08.84 1st 154 Ian Headly 2nd 25 Gerry Martin 3rd 84 John Cowe
"SUPPORTERS CLUB TROPHY" 25.08.84 1st 154 Ian Headly 2nd 299 Davy Philp 3rd 208 Graham Cotterrell
"KING of NEWTONGRANGE" 23.09.84 1st 299 Davy Philp 2nd 17 Willie Walker 3rd 84 John Cowe
"NEWTONGRANGE STAR FC TROPHY" 29.09.84 1st 299 Davy Philp 2nd 66 Ian Dickie 3rd 235 Duncan Robertson



The Hot Rods were a disaster at the Winter Holiday meeting with only 2 drivers turning up Ian Dickie & Gerry Martin. Thus one challenge was held between the two where Ian was victorious.

The season proper commenced on 11th March. The "Brian Henniker Trophy" was the Final prize in the Hot Rods. Davy Philp continued his form from the previous season by starting with a clean sweep of all races, forcing Davy to earn his honours was Ronnie McLaren who managed 2nd spot in each race.
At the 2nd meeting there was a miserable turn out of Hot Rods, out of the five cars that turned up 4 finished the first heat & only 3 in the next & Final. Heat win to Davy Philp with Graham Cotterell & Ian Dickie (just) depriving Davy of three wins. Graham the 2nd heat & Ian the Final
Rounding off March only 6 Hot Rod competitors and another uncompromising triple for Davy Philp, more cars were desperately required.

Pristine Toyota 1000 for 127 Alex Grant Didn't Take Long To Start Winning (photo Jim Turner)

May's fair opened with the Hot Rods again dominated by Davy Philp (I know it begins to sound like a broken record) with 3 from 3 it was really only in the Final that he was pressed & it was Alex Grant doing the pressing - until he spun out!

  Hot Rods still in single figures on the 5th May with 8 cars on track. Davy Philp did not run through the card as he has so often this season. Though winning both heats they were not won with the usual ease. Gerry Martin put up stern resistance in the 1st heat. In the 2nd it was a slightly easier task though Willie Walker stuck with him.
It looked as though Gerry just might succeed in the Final until regrettably he spun out. Alex Grant picked his way through to the front & in a very exciting Final finale held on by a few metres to collect his first Final with the Toyota 1000.
19th May
2nd Grading Period Points
Hot Rods
1) 299 Davy Philp 272 points
2) 17 Willie Walker 192 points
3) 66 Ian Dickie 161 points

Davy Philp was not the highest points scorer for the first time in a while despite a heat & Final win. The reason for this was due to Davy getting involved in an accident with Charlie Brown & Gerry Martin in the 2nd heat. Luckily Davy & Gerry were able to repair their cars for the Final. Sadly Charlie's car was a bit more badly damaged. Alex Grant was first past the flag in the 2nd heat.
The final meeting in May was the "Willie Hunter Memorial Trophy" for each of the formulae. The Hot Rods were minus a few of the recent regulars Alex Grant, Ian McGuigan & Charlie Brown however there were still 9 Rods in attendance which was very promising. Davy Philp won the first after a battle with Gerry Martin. In the 2nd it was multi time comeback man Ronnie McKenzie in the ex Chris Rae car who took a convincing win with Ian Dickie 2nd. The Final was Davy's second race win of the day demoting Ronnie McKenzie into 2nd.

Double figures in the Hot Rods, Ronnie McKenzie, Davy Philp & Gerry Martin were all traveling well in the first with the latter taking out the win. Davy Philp fought through for wins in the next heat & Final. He was still the quickest out there but it was clearly getting harder & harder to pick up the wins. All as it should be.
11 cars on track at the next meeting and it was brilliant fast racing. Ronnie McKenzie won the first heat even though he had been caught and passed by Gerry Martin who then had a "Fence" moment with some back markers. He did recover to maintain 2nd though. Ronnie then won the 2nd heat as well though this time it was Davy Philp pressurizing him, albeit with a slightly misfiring engine. A seven car pile up after Ian Simpson's engine blew up, thankfully not resulting any any major damage (though Ian may argue with that summary). This did help the big points scorers make there way through to the front though. Davy Philp - engine now running perfectly secured the win from Alex Grant & Willie Walker.
Mid June bash produced a large crowd of spectators - 12 Hot Rods this week & that was with Ronnie McLaren & Ian Simpson missing after last week's action. Despite the increased numbers on the track Davy Philp still managed to secure a hat trick, from Gerry Martin in the first, Ian Dickie in the 2nd & Ian Headley in the Final. Ian Headley was particularly unlucky in the Final he had earned a substantial lead until he lost control in the closing stages when his car jumped out of gear.
Points Positions after 15 meetings

Hot Rods
1) 299 Davy Philp 413 points
2) 17 Willie Walker 270 points
3) 66 Ian Dickie 252 points

Last outing before the holiday break Davy Philp has been concerned of late with the performance of his engine! It was due for a re-build after this meeting. Having said that he did secure three wins at the last get together! Despite concerns Davy raced to another two race wins in heat & Final in another 11 car field. Ronnie McKenzie was the victor in the other heat, Ian Headley collected a good second in the Final. Many of the Hot rod drivers would be off to sadly only "spectate" at the Hot Rod World Championship over the holiday. There is no doubt that this short sightedness & unprofessionalism did the NHRPA considerable damage in Scotland. In fact I would go as far as to say that they never recovered, despite the best efforts of certain individuals in later years.


Some classy looking Hot Rods at Nitten

The Hot Rod West of Scotland Championship at the start of April again witnessed Davy Philp in indemonstrable form. Though sharing one of the heats with Willie Walker there was nobody else near in the Trophy race. Willie Walker & Brian Middlemiss picked up the minor placings. I should mention a brilliant comment in the following week's programme by "JD" in the "View From The Terracing" section, where he stated "To most drivers, two out of three would not be a bad performance, but to Davy Philp this can only be classed as a failure. He was going so fast in the first heat HE WAS IN DANGER OF LAPPING HIMSELF" - brilliant. This meeting was also significant in that it saw the debut of Ian McGuigan in an Opel Kadett.
April's 2nd meeting marked the first floodlit evening meeting of the season & there was yet another three in a row for Davy Philp though, it is a bit of a shame that when there are walkovers like this, that due credit does not flow to the victor. Davy's performance was indeed awesome though. Only 8 cars competed.

15th April, at last double figure fields for the Hot Rods & the racing definitely benefited. In the first heat Davy Philp encountered some mechanical gremlins which resulted in a dnf. Gerry Martin drove extremely well to pick up his maiden victory. In the 2nd it was Willie Walker taking the honours just holding out Davy  in the end. The Final saw a return to victory for Davy beating Willie Walker & Ian Dickie to the minor slots. This meeting saw the debut of Alex Grant's rather nicely turned out Toyota 1000. A bit of sorting out work still required though to get the car just right.
The end of the first points period produced the following points table:-
Hot Rods
1) 299 Davy Philp
2) 66 Ian Dickie
3) 17 Willie Walker

When Davy Philp was a non shower at the 22nd April meeting, Willie Walker took up the  class act mantle with 3 convincing victories. Alex Grant proved that his new Toyota 1000 is being fettled nicely with a fine 2nd in the Final.

Last meeting in April Hot Rod action & Davy Philp was back after his week off in no mood to take any prisoners. He dominated the first outing & came so close in the 2nd to Alex Grant who captured in this his first race win in the new car. Willie Walker was Davy's main obstacle in the Final but once around Willie he was off to yet another Final honour.

Ronnie hits a bit of trouble at the end of July

On the return from the holiday break, Ian Headley was really motoring with his Mazda in the two heats & collected two thoroughly deserved wins demoting Davy Philp & Willie Walker respectively. This was achieved despite the new gearbox just fitted to the car still jumping out of gear, the issue that had produced some consternation at the
previous meeting. Ian was naturally looking forward to the Final, however it all fell in a heap when he failed to get off the line. Davy Philp of course took full advantage of this, beating Graham Cotterell to the line in this one. Duncan Robertson debuted a very nice Toyota 1000 with a "Mass" engine & he managed to get a 6th in the Final.
21st July, another 11 car turn out for the Hot Rods. Davy Philp won heat one, made an error in heat 2 while trying to pass Ian Dickie which resulted in a spin. He was in great form in the Final but just didn't have the legs to get through the bigger field. Ian Headly held on for the Final win.
Ian Headley raced to a heat & Final win on the 28th July, after running 2nd to Davy Philp in the first heat. There was close racing across the double figure field for the wins & places. unfortunately Ronnie McKenzie came a cropper in the Final after 3rd & 4 th places in the heats, he collected a fence post with some force, damaging the car
quite badly - though thankfully not himself

First meeting in August, 10 Hot Rods on display, including a welcome back for Dave McLaren. This field was depleted right at the start of the first heat when Davy Philp managed to career straight into the back of Charlie Brown when he stalled on the start line. Graham Cotterrell was a happy double heat winner. In the Final Ian Headley made it through to the lead which held to the flag, although pressed by Davy Philp who had executed extensive repairs to the front of his car following the first heat collision.
11th August & Davy Philp hit a treble yet again with seemingly relative ease - though his first for some time. The numbers were down below double figures due to a number of factors, a fair amount of damage, some mechanical gremlins & would you believe it Alex Grant having his Hot Rod stolen!

Ian Headley winner of the Gordon Campbell Butchers Trophy

"Gordon Campbell Butchers" from Bonnyrigg a regular sponsor put up the prizes for the Hot Rods on the 18th August.
Davy Philp was a non attendee due to Davey's wife tragically passing away after a long illness during the week.
In the first heat John Cowe picked up his first ever win, Ian Headley was the winner of the other heat & the "Gordon Campbell Trophy" Final. Gerry Martin had a good meeting collecting three 2nd places.
Goodies up for all formulae on the 25th August in the shape of the "Supporters' Club Trophies".  .
Davy Philp made a welcome return to the track, racing away with a comfortable win in the first, Greg Cocker making his first appearance of the season coming through for second with a smart new Escort Mk 11. In the second Davy couldn't quite chase down Ian Headley. The "Supporters' Club Trophy" Final was a similarly hard fought race though this time it would simply have been impossible for Davy to get any closer & not win.


Greg Cocker debuts smart new Escort at end of August (photo Jim Turner)

 September and in the first meeting for the month the Hot Rod fields were down a bit. It did result a bit of processional racing - indeed the first three places were identical, Davy Philp followed by Ian Headley & Ian Dickie.
8th & 9th September, 1984. 
The Hot Rods had six races over the "F2 World Championship" weekend, two heats & a Final on each day. 14 Rods started the racing on both days. Davy Philp provided an eye watering display winning all races from his rear of grid position. His followers in the Final on Saturday were Ian Headley & John Cowe while on the Sunday it was Dave McLaren & Ian Headley. Ian also had a good weekend in all with 3 - 3rds & 2 - 2nds.
12 Hot Rods braved the crappy weather after the two week break following the big weekend to enter the "King of Newtongrange" sponsored by "Brian Henniker Video".
The numbers did not include the winner of the last 9  races at Nitten, Davy Philp who only arrived in the pits when the pit gate was being closed. Willie Walker drove sensibly in the conditions (others didn't), to take a thoroughly deserved win. Graham Cotterell & Ian Dickie followed Willie across the line, only half the field completed the distance! Dave McLaren won the 2nd heat - in fact the newly crowned "British" Hot Rod Champion Dave McLaren won the 2nd heat! Not exactly sure where this event was held - I think it was either Alwalton or Crewe. (Not a sanctioned NHRPA Championship of course) (Dear old NHRPA what a sad web they weaved) Sadly in the 2nd heat race Ian Headley collided with John Cowe and destroyed his very quick Mazda 323 in the fence. While referencing racing at other tracks Davy Philp had earned a creditable 5th in the Final at Skegness over the holiday break against some pretty eminent NHRPA opposition. Anyway back to the plot, the aforementioned Davy "Finally" got his act together duly collecting the last race from Willie Walker.
29th September There was a touch of controversy in the Hot Rod formula. Davy Philp had won his oft repeated two heats & looked all set for victory in the "Newtongrange Star" Trophy Final, though John Cowe had opened up a substantial gap at the front from quite early on in the race. Davy did close the gap, however, there was an issue with an obstruction caused by the Dave McLaren & Greg Cocker car abandoned on the back straight reducing Davy's opportunities to get past John. Davy & John clashed, the result of which saw John retire with suspension damage & Davy continue on for the win. This did upset a fair number of the spectators who evidently formed the view that Davy was at fault. However there were other commentators who actually went into print to point the accusatory finger at John. Steward of the meeting Ronnie Featch saw no misdemeanours committed by either!
 Ian Dickie & Duncan Robertson secured the other podium slots.


First meeting in October. The feature race on the Sunday afternoon belonged to the Hot Rods contesting the "Scotia Daf Trucks" Scottish Championship. 13 cars lined up for the start. Unfortunately as far as a spectacle was concerned, Davy Philp drew pole position. I'm sure all concerned (with the possible exclusion of Davy) would have liked him to be drawn last. Such has been his dominance at the track this season. Notwithstanding this Dave McLaren briefly went into the lead, Davy soon dealt with this and he raced away to a convincing win thus becoming a double winner of the Scottish Championship (though ten years apart) the first being in 1974 at Cowdenbeath. Willie Walker skillfully made his way through to 2nd & surprise entrant Alex Grant in 3rd. Alex you will recall had his Hot Rod stolen a few weeks previously & there had been no leads as to it's whereabouts. Alex however was determined to defend his Scottish Championship so he got his old Escort out, rebuilt it including installing a new engine. The third place in the Championship was testament to Alex's ability to both race and set up a car from scratch. This was reinforced in the next heat race where Alex stormed off to a deserved victory with Davy coming through for 2nd. The positions were reversed for the Final, Greg Cocker came
through for 3rd. Unfortunately Charlie Brown had another big accident in the Final where he endeavored to enter the pits at speed - with the pits gate closed!

13th October & Alex Grant was in fine fettle again & gained wins in the two heats with Davy Philp relegated to 2nd. This pleased the fans greatly & Alex passed the flag on each occasion to great applause. The Final spots were reversed though & Davy added yet another major to his 1984 tally. Ian Dickie followed Alex in for 3rd.


Heat winner Alex Grant

Hot Rods 20th October - the NHRPA did some wonderful work over the previous week. Impressing upon the rest of the Oval Racing community just what a petty short-sighted organization they were, in the announcement that Davy Philp had been banned from competition on all NHRPA tracks - presumably as a result of Davy's recent success at Skegness. As far as the racing was concerned at Nitten, Gerry Martin was in great form winning heat 1 from Davy Philp, & heat 2 - 2nd behind Alex Grant.
Alex was on the cusp of a win in the Final when his engine lost power on the last lap. Davy great fully accepted the win.


25 Gerry Martin Enjoying Some Recent Success (photo Jim Turner)

On the 27th October Davy Philp collected another couple of heat wins. In the Final Davy was making good progress until Ian Dickie blew up his 5th engine of the season.
Gerry Martin spun on this oil suffering a bit of damage to his car. Davy tried to avoid the crippled car, which he did, however he ended up in the fence. The driver keeping extremely cool in these circumstances was Duncan Robertson & he collected a well deserved first Final win. It should be noted that Duncan had been going better & better in recent weeks so it was not a complete surprise that he was on the spot to make the most of any of the uncertainties that can crop up in Hot Rod racing.

4th November produced identical one-twos in each race, Davy Philp first & Duncan Robertson was 2nd in each race.

In the Hot Rod Champion of Champions we had a race with 7 qualifiers. It was business as usual for Davy Philp with an easy and quick drive through to the lead & on to the win, Duncan Robertson produced a very professional drive through to 2nd. Davy also secured the heat win after Alex Grant succumbed to his pressure & slid wide, this time with Gerry Martin in the runner up slot. In the Final Duncan went one step better to secure the victory, Alex Grant was 2nd & John Cowe 3rd.

30th December. The break since the end of the season had obviously blurred the lap scorers & meeting steward's vision when we had the almost unique situation of a dead heat for the win in the first heat between Duncan Robertson & Alex Grant & also another dead heat for 3rd pace between Gerry Martin & Ian Headley. Ian won one heat & the Final.

Ministox  27 cars

2 David Gillie   66 Steven Grant
3 Billie Steel   69 Greg Wilson
7 Peter Alexander   74 Alistair King
9 Scott Pryde   91 Alex McLaren ***
12 Billy McLeod   96 William Purves
16 James Docherty   107 Kevin Hawker
24 Colin Todd ***   129 Kevin Hawker ***
28 David Allan   157 Lachlan Murray
34 Darren Little   161 Shona Stewart ***
38 Gordon Ritchie   234 Stephen Robertson
39 Mike Robertson   236 Ian Robertson
46 Stephen Henderson   299 Gillian Philp
57 Liam Murray ***   E300 Andy Irvine
       E488  Ross Turner

*** I have no record of these drivers taking part in any meeting during 1984

Ministox Points Championship

Pos No Name Pts
1st 74 Ali King 267
2nd 299 Gillian Philp 264
3rd 46 Stephen Henderson 251
4th 38 Gordon Ritchie 243
5th 12 Billy McLeod 240
6th 39 Mike Robertson 236
7th 236 Ian Robertson 177
8th 157 Laclan Murray 171
9th 28 David Allan 157
10th 16 James Docherty 155
11th 9 Scott Pryde 32
12th 2 David Gillie 22
13th 96 William Purves 17
14th 7 Peter Alexander 10
15th= 66 Steven Grant 5
15th= 234 Stephen Robertson 5
17th 34 Darren Little 4
18th 69 Greg Wilson 3

*** drivers in black are white roofs 

most race wins in 1984

Pos No Name Races
1st 46 Stephen Henderson 14
2nd 299 Gillian Philp 11
3rd= 39 Mike Robertson 9
3rd= 28 David Allan 9
5th= 38 Gordon Ritchie 6
5th= 74 Ali King 6
7th 12 Billy McLeod 5
8th 236 Ian Robertson 4
9th= 16 Jim Docherty 2
9th= 157 Lachlan Murray 2
11th 57 Liam Murray 1

most top points scores

Pos No Name No
1st= 46 Stephen Henderson 6
1st= 28 David Allan 6
1st= 39 Mike Robertson 6
4th 74 Ali King 5
5th 236 Ian Robertson 4
6th= 12 Billy McLeod 3
6th= 38 Gordon Ritchie 3
6th= 299 Gillian Philp 3
9th= 16 Jim Docherty 2
9th= 157 Lachlan Murray 2

 Attendance records (although records are reasonbaly good for 1984, these should still be considered the minimum attendances)

Out of 35 possible meetings.

38 Gordon Ritchie 33
299 Gillian Philp 33
12 Billy McLeod 32
39 Mike Robertson 32
46 Stephen Henderson 32
74 Alistair King 31
157 Laclan Murray 31
28 David Allan 30
236 Ian Robertson 28
9 Scott Pryde 24
16 James Docherty 24
2 David Gillie 21
96 William Purves 15
7 Peter Alexander 7
69 Greg Wilson 5
234 Stephen Robertson 5
34 Darren Little 4
107 George McCallum 4
3 Billie Steel 2
66 Steven Grant 2
300 Andy Irvine 1
488 Ross Turner 1





00 N/A   47 Leslie Henderson   106 Robert Kirk
2 David Swanson   50 Alan Rae   126 Kevin Brown
3 Billy Steele   56 N/A   127 Hugh Allan
6 Kenny Brown   57 Neil Adams   141 Grant Fitzsimmons
7 A Burrel   58 Ian Fraser   152 Derek Orr
8 N Patton   59 Willie Thompson   153 Derek Stevenson
9 N/A   62 Andy Tulloch   157 Liam Murray
10 Andrew Turnbull   64 Donald Wright   158 Stu Hadden
11 Ian Short   66 Stuart McCaig   159 N/A
13 Andrew Wright   67 Raymond Ferguson   163 Douglas Little
18 N/A   68 Tam McNeil   164 David Donaldson
20 William McKee   70 Colin Hill   167 Stan Matthews
21 Norman Coutts   72 John Calder   177 N/A
22 Colin McCabe   73 Ian Brown   181 N/A
23 N/A   75 N/A   182 George Crain
25 N/A   78 N/A   183 William McLaren
27 Richard Borthwick   80 Tam Ross   186 Andy Dougal
28 Steven Wightman   81 Gary Burns   194 N/A
33 Bruce Bertram   82 Alan Brown   200 Colin Haines
34 Andrew Watson   83 Walter Donaldson   221 Martin Wright
36 Archie Lyall   84 Cameron Donaldson   222 Rob David
37 Stuart Watson   88 Graham Irvine   244 N/A
38 Tam McNeil   89 David Brand   300 Helen Haines
39 N/A   90 Gordon Leithhead   368 Paul Wightman
40 Sandy Baxter   92 Colin Fraser   371 Willie Wightman
45 Kevin McLean   100 Harry Adams   380 Gordon Shanks
46 Douglas Trimmings   101 Alex Kerr   400 David Baxter
            904 N/A


West of Scotland Championship - 1st April                           Open Scottish Championship - 2nd June

1st 46 Stephen Henderson   1st 299 Gillian Philp
2nd 74 Alastair King   2nd 488 Ross Turner
3rd 39 Mike Robertson   3rd 74 Alastair King
4th 16 James Docherty   4th  39 Mike Robertson
5th 12 Billy McLeod   5th  38 Gordon Ritchie
6th 236 Ian Robertson   6th 300 N/A
7th 38 Gordon Ritchie   7th 16 James Docherty
8th  9 Scott Pryde   8th 46  Stephen Henderson

Scottish Championship -  13th October

1st 46 Stephen Henderson
2nd 38 Gordon Ritchie
3rd 236 Ian Robertson
4th  39 Mike Robertson
5th 159  Lachlan Murray
6th 74 Alastair King
7th 9 Scott Pryde
8th  2 David Gillie

 In addition to the major championship wins at Newtongrange, a number of Finals attracted additional sponsorship, the winners of these were as follows:-

"WILLIE HUNTER MEMORIAL" 26.05.84 1st 299 Gillian Philp 2nd 74 Alastair King 3rd 38 Gordon Ritchie
"SUPPORTERS CLUB TROPHY" 25.08.84 1st 39 Mike Robertson 2nd 299 Gillian Philp 3rd 12 Billy McLeod
"NEWTONGRANGE STAR FC TROPHY" 29.09.84 1st 24 Colin Todd 2nd 28 David Allan 3rd 12 Billy McLeod


Lachlan Murray & David Allan were the winners at the New Year Holiday meeting.

Steven Henderson was very much the dominant force in March winning all races bar the very last race of the month where the winning streak was brought to an end by Gordon Ritchie.

Action commenced in April with the West of Scotland Championship. Lachlan Murray won the first heat from Gillian Philp.In the Championship race Stephen Henderson was the victor having had to execute substantial repairs, required after a trip to the fence in the first race ripped the roof off the car. Ali King & Ian Robertson filled the rostrum positions.
At April's 2nd meeting Stephen Henderson added another couple of race wins from a field of 13 cars.
Stephen easily won the first heat on the 15th April, then managed to get himself spun out of the 2nd by Ian Robertson. Billy McLeod & Lachlan Murray aggressively battled it out for the win, with Billy ultimately victorious.
The end of the first points period produced the following points table:-
1) 46 Stephen Henderson
2) 12 Billy McLeod
3) 157 Lachlan Murray
On the 21st April the races went the way of Gillian Philp & Gordon Ritchie. Runaway track points leader Stephen Henderson failing to finish a race.

Stephen collected a win at the last meeting in April, & Mike Robertson his first win of the season.
Gillian Philp was the star performer at the two opening meetings in May with 3 wins out of the 4 races. Gordon Ritchie picked up another win in the other.
2nd Grading Period Points Period
1) 46 Stephen Henderson - 116 points
2) 38 Gordon Ritchie - 82 points
3) 12 Billy McLeod
At the 19th May meeting, the first heat was a close battle between Ali King & Stephen Henderson with Ali holding on to the lead until the closing stages of the race. Gillian Philp got into an early lead in the 2nd race and Stephen Henderson did manage to get through to 2nd, he could not close the gap to Gillian though when he got there.
The final meeting in May was the "Willie Hunter Memorial Trophy" for each of the formulae.
A decent field of 15 Ministox ensured plenty of action. Ali King was the top points scorer by winning the first heat & the runner up spot in the 2nd. Stephen Henderson couldn't catch Ali in the first having to make do with 2nd. He looked in better shape in the 2nd race until Ian Robertson (again) put paid to his progress. Gillian Philp made it two "Willie Hunter Memorial" trophies for the Philp family on the day (after Davy won the Hot Rod version) with a convincing drive.

Open Scottish Championship day for the Ministox. Ali King picked up the first heat from Mike Robertson & Gillian Philp. English driver Andy Turner looked very quick and indeed had seemingly done his homework on who his main opposition would be - spinning out multi race winner Stephen Henderson half way through the race. Gillian had made her way through to the front ( she was having to start from the back for the first at this meeting). Andrew Turner managed to get past Ali King for 2nd but Gillian was away for a very popular victory.

Gillian Philp won her first race as Open Scottish Champion on the 9th July with seemingly relative ease. It is amazing how success can breed suspicion though, & her car had to endure its 2nd engine inspection in two weeks - with the all clear being given. Mike Robertson was not going to allow an easy win to eventuate in the 2nd race though and Gillian took a trip across the tyres. Mike was rewarded for his determination with the win.

Mid June 
Mike Robertson boosted by his success of the previous week by securing victories in both races on the 16th June in the 13 car field.
Points Positions after 15 meetings
1) 46 Stephen Henderson - 169 points
2) 74 Ali King - 146 points
3) 299 Gillian Philp - 140 points

Last outing before the holiday break on the 23rd July
Stephen Henderson won his first race for a while in the first heat from Ali King. Ali though went on to win the next race. In the recent times it has been evident that Ali's form has been improving, seemingly always there or thereabouts. Gillian Philp & Gordon Ritchie had another clash in this one which put both of them out.

On the return from the holiday break Davie Allan won the first action packed race from Mike Robertson. The rain affected second race was appreciably slower, Mike Robertson went one place higher in this one & Stephen Henderson forced his way through to 2nd.
21st July.
Gillian Philp won the first heat in fine style, spinning out Stephen Henderson on her way to the finish line. It was Billy McLeod taking the honours in the 2nd after Gillian, Stephen & Ian Robertson all got tangled up with each other & the fence.

28th July 
Mike Robertson added another Ministox win to his collection when some of his principal opposition resolved to hit each other into the fence, principally Gillian Philp Stephen Henderson, & Ali King. Ali was going great guns in the next & managed to scoot past Mike on the last lap.

4th August  & a goodly field of 15 Ministox out for the first race & this caused a fair bit of crash & bang & indeed a bingle big enough to bring the action to a halt. Gillian Philp managed to get past her competitors to collect the first race. In the second there were a few scores being settled, though only temporarily of course. Stephen Henderson put out Gillian then had a go at Ian Robertson unfortunately not entirely successful for Stephen who later got dumped by Ian - albeit a lap down at the time! Ali King was the youngster who battled through to victory this time.
11th August
No Ministox on the bill as the British Championship was being held at Long Eaton. The Scottish youngsters did themselves proud on the unfamiliar shale surface, Ali King took 3rd & Stephen Henderson 4th.
18th August 
Stephen Henderson & Mike Robertson were the victors in the two races.However not was all well with the two protagonist teams. The Robertsons lodged a protest in relation to the diff in particular of the Henderson car. However permission was not granted to the scrutinizers to carry out the inspection as the Henderson clan skedadddled.
25th August in the shape of the "Supporters' Club Trophies".
Mike Robertson picked up the first heat only after Stephen Henderson's engine went sick after going into the lead. The "Supporters" Club Trophy went the way of Mike as well, getting through to the front early on & comfortably leading a train of cars to the flag.

1st September Gordon Ritchie picked up a couple of wins in the Ministox.

8th & 9th September, 
The Ministox had two outings over the weekend, 13 cars on Saturday with the spoils to Ian Robertson & 14 cars on the Sunday with Stephen Henderson the victor.

On the 23rd September the Ministox got "stuck in" with considerably more vigor than the other formulae on show, surprisingly with so much action we had the same one two in each race, Davie Allen picked up both the wins & Gillian Philp both the 2nd paces.

29th September and the Newtongrange Star FC trophy was up for grabs. Ian Robertson was the winner of the opening Ministox race, from Billy McLeod & Ali King. The latter was uncatchable in the 2nd race this time David Allan was 2nd & Billy McLeod back in third. More significantly though it enabled Ali to extend his lead at the top of the Ministox points chart.

7th October & much mayhem ensued in the Ministox first race, particularly among the red tops, where Gillian Philip spun out, Lachlan Murray's wheel departed company, Stephen Henderson acquired a puncture. The fracas allowed blue tops Billy McLeod & Jimmy Docherty to open up a decent lead onto which they held. Jimmy picked up the 2nd race with Gillian staying out of trouble this time for 2nd spot. Ali King increased his lead in the points with a couple of consistent 3rd spots.


13th October 
The Ministox Scottish Championship produced the first major victory for Stephen Henderson in Scotland. When on song Stephen has been almost unbeatable this season, he just hasn't been consistent enough in the latter half on the season. Stephen helped ensure his win in the Scottish by blootering everybody on the first lap. Stephen emerged from this carnage in the lead & he was never bettered, the "Strathclyde Fertilisers" Scottish Champion was Stephen Henderson other podium positions were Gordon Ritchie & Ian Robertson. Gillian Philip was the victor in the heat race.


20th October 
Top performer in the Ministox during the evening was Ian Robertson, 2nd in heat 1 to Gordon Ritchie & a win in heat 2 ahead of Billy McLeod.


On the 27th October David Allen took a very comfortable win in the first heat while an action packed 2nd heat saw Ian Robertson emulate his elder brother with a fine victory, Billy McLeod being held to 2nd place in both races.

4th November Billy McLeod won both races.

At the 30th December holiday meeting David Alan won both races

Superbangers Points Championship

Pos No Name Pts
1st 368 Paul Wightman 147
2nd 40 Sandy Baxter 113
3rd 153 Derek Stevenson 108
4th= 62 Andy Tulloch 92
4th= 27 Richard Borthwick 92
6th 13 Andrew Wright 76
7th= 157 Liam Murray 64
7th= 100 Harry Adams 64
9th 163 Douglas Little 54
10th 22 Colin McCabe 53
11th 84 Cameron Donaldson 51
12th 18 N/A 47
13th 222 Rob David 41
14th 57 Neil Adams 39
15th= 83 Walter Donaldson 31
15th= 34 Andrew Watson 31
17th 80 Tam Ross 30
18th 66 Stuart McCaig 28
19th 6 Kenny Brown 23
20th 88 Graham Irvine 21
21st= 59 Willie Thompson 20
21st= 371 Willie Wightman 20
23rd 25 N/A 15
24th 82 Alan Brown 11

West of Scotland Championship - 1st April                           "Burmah Oil" Scottish Championship - 2nd June

1st 368 Paul Wightman   1st 368 Paul Wightman
2nd 62 Andy Tulloch   2nd 13 Andrew Wright
3rd 27 Richard Borthwick   3rd 153 Derek Stevenson
4th 153 Derek Stevenson   4th  34 Andrew Wilson
5th 57 Neil Adams   5th  157 Liam Murray
6th   NOF   6th 9 N Patton
7th   NOF   7th 6 Kenny Brown
8th   NOF   8th   NOF


"SAFEWAY SHIELD" 15.04.84 1st 40 Sandy Baxter 2nd 62 Andy Tulloch 3rd 100 Harry Adams
"WILLIE HUNTER MEMORIAL" 26.05.84 1st 25 Brian Cameron 2nd 153 Derek Stevenson 3rd 368 Paul Wightman
"SUPPORTERS CLUB TROPHY" 25.08.84 1st 82 Alan Brown 2nd 368 Paul Wightman 3rd 40 Sandy Baxter
"BERNARD HUNTER CRANE HIRE" 04.11.84 1st   Andrew Mitchell            

Superbanger info is a bit more thin on the ground compared with the other formulae. It is difficult to obtain any comprehensive records relating to same, so we will just have to go with what we've got.

The New Year Holiday Meeting in 1984 took place on the 8th January. The meeting was sponsored by" Motaquote Insurance Brokers" of Galashiels. 
The Superbangers really saved the day with a decent sized entry in the high 20's & plenty of biff and bash Grant Fitzsimmons and Colin McCabe proved victorious in the two races.

Colin McCabe secured another win at the opening points scoring meeting of the season. The 2nd meeting was full of action, larger numbers of Superbangers resulted in appreciably more entertainment than last week. Winners were Dougie Little & Andy Tulloch Tulloch.
Rounding off March Superbanger winners were Paul Wightman & ex Ministox youngster Liam Murray.

In the West of Scotland Championship day at the start of April, there was a Wightman whitewash, Paul Wightman securing the title race & father Willie the other, demoting son Paul to 2nd. There was some consternation though in how it was perceived that Paul secured his victory. Dad Willie seemed to be concentrating in taking out all those in contention with son Paul rather than winning the race. Willie also made matters worse by suffering disqualification for a "grass" visitation, and then completely ignoring the black flag while trying to eliminate 2nd place man Andy Tulloch & then gesturing to the starter that he was continuing for two more laps!! Willie did receive a fine for his antics & Andy still managed to finish 2nd in the title race.

April's 2nd meeting marked the first floodlit evening meeting of the season. There is a bit of doubt surrounding whether this meeting or the following week's meeting was sponsored by "Safeway" Supermarkets, in the shape of their Charity Shield. It may have even been both meetings.
Derek Stevenson was the victor on the 7th of April, with not a Wightman in sight, while on the 15th April it was a Triumph 2500 whitewash in the feature race with Sandy Baxter holding off Andy Tulloch to win. Paul Wightman won the other race.

21st April Tam Ross picked up his first ever win in the Super Bangers while Andy Tulloch & Paul Wightman set about trying to rub each other out.
Last meeting in April & there were some reportedly strange decisions by the officials (or lack of) in both Superbanger races, unfortunately I can't tell you what they were. The wins went the way of Harry Adams & Graeme Irving (now back utilising a Triumph 2.5PI).

First meeting in May and Graeme Irving made it two in a row following his win from last week, then we had two 1984 first time winners the following week in the shape of Richard Borthwick & Cameron Donaldson.

On to the 19th May & the race was stopped after a few laps when the pit gate was destroyed by Graeme Irving. On the re-start Rob David came through as a first time winner.
Two Superbangers then acted as the pits gate for the rest of the meeting!
At the Willie Hunter Memorial meeting on the 26th May, yet another new winner in the Superbangers in 1984 with Brian Cameron taking the flag.

Walter Donaldson was the winner at the first two meetings in June. The Superbangers were moved to the end of the meeting due to the new Council curfew. Sadly this did have the effect of a large number of spectators deciding to give it a miss. Brian Cameron & Colin McCabe were the 2nd place finishers.

Mid June bash produced a large crowd of spectators, 21 Superbangers in attendance for the last race it produced the expected fire & brimstone & it produced yet another new winner for the season in the shape of Andy Wright.
Last outing before the holiday break on the 23rd June & various delays endangered the Superbangers getting dropped however it was just fitted into the programme & Stuart McCaig was the victor.

The rain on the 14th July had a marked impact on the Superbangers - they seemed to hate it - a subdued Colin McCabe won through.
21st July Cameron Donaldson won the Superbanger race, however the win was deferred while a lengthy debate ensued as to whether Cameron's Corolla was over the stipulated 1600cc minimum. It was eventually substantiated that Toyota did in fact produce a 1600cc Corolla albeit a rather rare beast - but at the same time pretty quick.

Derek Stevenson from Penicuik won the Superbanger event at the end of July.

Ex Ministox star driver Liam Murray raced through to victory on the 4th August.
11th August & the Superbangers were "Scary" & ill-tempered - not only "during" the race! The winners were Dougie Little & Andrew Wright.

Derek Stevenson won the race on the 18th August, in a bout of Superbanger mayhem, but it was superb entertainment for the fans, however Sandy Baxter's second took him to the top of the points chart.

25th August &  mayhem continued on from last week. 7 cars were running however when a premature end was brought to proceedings when a car went ablaze on the back straight.
Alan Brown was the winner.

Dougie Little was the winner in the sole Superbanger race on the 1st September.

8th & 9th September, 1984 & the Superbangers had two sorties at the big weekender with their wins going to Sandy Baxter & Willie McLaren.

On the 23rd September Willie Wightman appeared in a massive Daimler which proved to be more of a "jam" car proving very difficult to pass. Colin McCabe was meant to make a triumphant entrance on the track following his win in the "South West's" version of the "Banger World Championship", however he couldn't get his car to start! Another win to Liam Murray.
The feature race of the day though belonged to the Superbangers on the 29th September with their "Burmah Oil" Scottish Championship the goal. The main talking point of course was, is Paul Wightman going to be able to retain his Scottish title & make it three in a row? The answer was - yes he could! Father Willie of course was doing all he could to retard Paul's opposition & he was doing so in the lumbering Daimler - quite successfully. It seemed the opposition wanted just to race past the Daimler (as they were considerably quicker) rather than just plant him & it in the fence - where it could irritate or entertain no more. They did work this out in the end, but too late to have any effect on Paul's progress.To win three Championships in a row is a major feat in Bangers - it is quite unbelievable. A remarkable talent.

Liam Murray was first past the flag on the 7th October from Andrew Wright, the race was all very disciplined - rumored to be due to Promoter McDoog stating that if there was even a yellow flag during the race that would be the end of it. (This being due to the severe time restraints caused by the numerous delays).

Fun & games in the Superbangers on the 13th October, "South West of England Scottish World Banger Champion" (if that makes sense) Colin McCabe won the race but it was our old friend Willie Wightman and his big Daimler that were the big attraction for the crowd. For some obscure reason Willie was black flagged for what reason we do not know? (It wouldn't be to get the crowd involved would it?) Anyway Willie was having none of it & he continued to demolish everybody he could. In the end Willie's Daimler attracted the attention of a number of compatriots (and not before time), sadly the Daimler was a much smaller car come the end of the action.

20th October witnessed yet another victory to Superbanger expert Paul Wightman.

4th November was a meeting of much controversy, & much of it centered around Bangers. There were two Superbanger races & one Banger race. The Superbangers are, as the name suggests, a souped up and modified Banger. The first Superbanger race did not have it's full complement of drivers, presumably because it was race 4 on the programme & of course they have spent all season being relegated to the end of proceedings. 100 smackeroos were on offer to the winner, the race being sponsored by "Ignition Discos",  Andy Wright form Musselborough was the winner but only after the leader Kenny Jeffrey managed to hook on to the last fence post before the finishing line & thus prevented from crossing it - by 50mm!

A bigger field fronted for the 2nd race. This time the loot was provided by "Duckhams Oil", luckily this race was stopped early, thus preventing Kenny Jeffrey who was again in the lead from smashing into the fence in the last five seconds of the race. Kenny was awarded the win & the cheque & trophy in this amazing turn of events, it was Andy Wright he had to thank for this as it was he who had been injured in a clash. They couldn't have been team racing surely?

Of interest was a considerable delay to the start of the race while a large Daimler at the front of the grid which was not a Superbanger was encouraged to spark into life, in the end it did not take part in the race.
The last Banger related race was for "the Bangers" & it was a Demolition Derby, a substantial prize of 250.00 pounds was up for grabs for the winner. The substantial sponsorship provided by long time Stock Car Racing supporter "Bernard Hunter Crane Hire". The winner of the Demolition Derby was Andrew Mitchell from Crossford in Fife.
Amazingly considering it was a Demolition Derby his immaculately prepared Jaguar XJ6 barely had a dent in it!

At the December holiday meeting, Liam Murray & Andy Tulloch were the victors in the two races.