1970's » 1977 COWDENBEATH



No Driver No Driver No Driver
19 Derek Mackie 130 Gordon Stevenson 183 John Brady
20 Dave Nelson 131 Gordon Brown 184 Kevin Fehilly
36 Jeff Cosans 133 Stewart Sneddon 185 William Brown
42 Thomas Anderson 134 Joe Gray 188 Tony Murphy
46 Keith Jarman 136 Frank Blyth 193 Jim Borthwick
57 Alan Whyte 137 Iain Webster 195 Andy Johnstone
60 Tam Hilditch 138 Peter Black 197 Bradley Sutherland
61 Neil Pozzie 139 Neil Farm 199 George Chirray
77 Alex Sharp 143 Kenny Young 201 Kenneth Kerr
82 Terry Carrington 144 Fred Selby 204 Alistair Craig
87 James Brown 146 George Stein 208 Peter Matthew
88 Pete McVay 147 Joe Johnstone 210 John Grierson
89 William Irvine 148 Brian Stanners 213 Mick McKennan
90 Bob Guy 150 Jimmy Blair 214 Jimmy McAlpine
91 Bert Carey 151 Bob Jones 215 Michael Lewis
96 Alex Taylor 155 William Gray 219 James Gow
97 Joe Darrell 156 Ian Ostrau 220 Willie Anderson
98 Andrew Shaw 159 Kenneth Christie 221 Kenneth Sharp
101 Kenny Milne 160 James Bell 224 Stewart Landale
105 Bob Smith 161 Bill Shortreed 226 William Bauld
109 Clifford Simpson 163 James Walker 235 Jock Robertson
112 William Thompson 165 Douglas McLean 240 Allan Ross
114 Bob Mackay 166 Bob Sneddon 241 Charlie Milne
117 John Erskine 168 Alan McHattie 242 Bob Malone
118 Johnny Davidson 170 Jas Cochrane 243 Bob Malone Jnr
120 Jimmy Forrest 171 Tommy Davidson 247 John Gibson
121 John Burns 172 Ronnie Marshall 251 Jack Robertson
124 Robin Dowie 176 Billy Birse 255 Edward Gilfillan
125 Steven Leslie 177 John Gilchrist 330 Robert Bruce
126 Alex Cunningham 178 Allan Pryde 331 Ford Ferguson
127 Alex Grant 180 Robin Kennedy 333 Alistair Bowman
128 Robert Drummond 181 Gordon Brunton      


No Driver   No Driver
7 Terry Henderson   55 Bob Morton
8 Edward Rochford   56 Tommy Carruthers
9 Gus Gow   63 Stewart Barbour
10 Les Page   66 William Craib
14 George Logan   71 Bruce Thomson
15 Robert Valderhaut   76 Harry Gillespie
17 Mike Jack   81 Bill Pullar
22 Stan Ross   84 Les Brown
35 Allan Thomson   86 Leslie Page
38 Ian Edmiston   92 Bill Smith
39 Les Clark   94 Vic Russell
41 Gordon McDougall   100 George MacMillan Jnr
44 Chick Findlay   115 Dave Morris
45 Eric Brown   195 Andy Johnstone
47 Orr Thomson   209 Bruce Nash
48 Hamish McNab   333 Alistair Bowman


No Driver   No Driver
11 Ronnie McKenzie   95 Alex Butchart
13 Sandy Clark   102 Ronnie Burns
16 Clive Downie   106 Hamish Buchanan
18 Alex Roan   116 Mike Reilly
21 Kenny Spence   127 Alex Grant
24 Brian Tindell   140 Graham Wait
29 Neil Gow   141 Adam Manson
30 Stewart Banks   156 Ian Ostrau
32 James Paterson   162 Malcolm Chesher
33 Bob Carnegie   174 George Barrie
34 Ronnie McLaren   191 John Buchanan
37 Ian Simpson   195 Andy Johnstone
50 Craig Bruce   196 Kenny Ireland
51 Mark Bruce   198 George Gordon
52 Sandy Elliot   222 Fraser Dunlop
64 Les Kay   244 Jimmy Low
75 Bill Crawford   293 Ian Cook
93 John Campbell        


The points awarded for the 1977 season were as follows:-

Saloon Stocks   Superstox     Hot Rods    
  Heats Final     Heats Final     Heats Final  
1st 8 12   1st 8 12   1st 6 10  
2nd 7 10   2nd 7 10   2nd 5 8  
3rd 6 8   3rd 6 8   3rd 4 6  
4th 5 6   4th 5 6   4th 3 4  
5th 4 4   5th 4 4   5th 2 2  
6th 3 3   6th 3 3   6th 1 1  
7th 2 2   7th 2 2          
8th 1 1   8th 1 1          


Saloon Stocks on the up again with an average at 27 cars, one up on 1976. The Superstox in turn were down one at 17. The Hot Rods had a massive 50% increase at 12 cars. 

The largest attendance for the Saloon Stocks was 34 cars on the 4th September, but more important than that a total of 30 cars were equalled or bettered at 9 meetings.

The Superstox high point of 27 cars was for the UK Challenge Cup on the 18th September & the Hot Rods 18 cars for the East of Scotland on the 31st July.


On 3rd April Alan Smith, "Clerk Of The Course" with Spedeworth Scotland for the previous 12 seasons presented the "Stewards Cup" for the last time. Alan's demanding schedule of lectures across the UK was now making it difficult to attend the meetings. The winners of the respective cups were, in the Saloon Stocks, newly promoted to red roof Fred Selby, downgraded to blue roof Kenny Ireland won the Hot Rod event, Les Clark continued a good run of form by winning the Superstox trophy. 


It was noted in the 2nd programme of the season, that the points allocation to returning drivers was to be revised again. A system of awarding average points had been in place which was less than satisfactory. The statement made in the programme was thus "Any red or blue grade driver returning any time after the first points period, will be awarded 10 points above the lowest number of points gained by the bottom drivers in their particular grade". - Again less than satisfactory. 


The most notable event at the 24th April meeting, occurred during the so called "interval", ie after the heats & before the finals. During the intervals, spectators were allowed to bring their own cars and try and break the two lap records.               
Alex Johnstone brought his Escort Estate out on to the track for his attempt, only just missed the fence a few times, almost rolled twice & failed to complete his two laps. The promoters graciously granted Alex a second chance, after all the first attempt was very entertaining!               
Sadly on his second attempt Alex went head on into the wall. If Alex is around and reads this don't take it too badly, but my wife had written in the programme beside his name LOONY!    


Mike continues duties from ground level (photo J Fyffe / GM Photos)

At the meeting on the 21st August starting marshal Mike Grainger had a narrow escape when Saloon Stock driver Gordon Stevenson demolished the starters rostrum with Mike on it! Mike is made of sterling stuff though, picked himself up from the debris, and undaunted finished controlling the race from ground level. He had another narrow escape though a few laps later as  another car tried to wipe him out at ground level!



    REDS          BLUES  
Pos No Name Pts   Pos No Name Pts
1st 39 Les Clark 551   9th 17 Mike Jack 189
2nd 81 Bill Pullar 534   10th 76 Harry Gillespie 188
3rd 94 Vic Russell 395   11th 100 George MacMillan Jnr 146
4th 84 Les Brown 328   12th 22 Stan Ross 129
5th 55 Bob Morton 296   13th 44 Chick Findlay 106
6th 38 Ian Edmiston 294   14th 45 Eric Brown 79
7th 41 Gordon McDougall 267   15th 56 Tommy Carruthers 45
8th 47 Orr Thomson 195        


Pos No Name Pts
16th 71 Bruce Thomson 21
17th 48 Hamish McNab 20
18th 10 Les Page 17
19th 15 Robert Valderhaut 14
20th= 7 Terry Henderson 13
20th= 115 Dave Morris 13

1977 Scottish Champion Vic Russell (photo J Fyffe)


1st 94 Vic Russell
2nd 38 Ian Edmiston
3rd 76 Harry Gillespie
4th 47 Orr Thomson
5th 81 Bill Pullar
6th 115 Dave Morris
7th 44 Chick Findlay
8th 45 Eric Brown


Tidy Superstox of 1977 East of Scotland Champion Harry Gillespie (photo J Fyffe / GM Photos)


1st 76 Harry Gillespie
2nd 44 Chick Findlay
3rd 94 Vic Russell
4th 22 Stan Ross
5th 47 Orr Thomson
6th 71 Bruce Thomson
7th   N/A
8th   N/A


1st 81 Bill Pullar   1st 81 Bill Pullar
2nd 39 Les Clark   2nd 39 Les Clark
3rd 55 Bob Morton   3rd 17 Mike Jack
4th 38 Ian Edmiston   4th 94 Vic Russell
5th 94 Vic Russell   5th E323 Dave Turner
6th 84 Les Brown   6th 55 Bob Morton
7th 44 Chick Findlay   7th 45 Eric Brown
8th 45 Eric Brown   8th G93 Reiner Sangerstoff

BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP - 14th AUGUST                        "COCK of the NORTH" - 30th OCTOBER      

1st 39 Les Clark   1st 41 Gordon McDougall
2nd E211 Howard Cole   2nd   NOI
3rd 94 Vic Russell   3rd   NOI
4th Ir86 Willie Ferguson   4th   NOI
5th E217 Bob Perry   5th   NOI
6th 84 Les Brown   6th   NOI
7th E482 Neil Bee   7th   NOI
8th 81 Bill Pullar   8th   NOI


1977 Race Winners

Pos No Name Finals Heats   Pos No Name Finals Heats
1st= 39 Les Clark 7 15   7th 100 George MacMillan 2 0
1st= 41 Gordon McDougall 7 15   8th= 76 Harry Gillespie 1 2
3rd  81 Bill Pullar 6 15   8th= 94 Vic Russell 1 2
4th  84 Les Brown 6 7   10th Ir86 Willie Ferguson 1 0
5th  38 Ian Edmiston 3 3   11th 22 Stan Ross 0 3
6th 55 Bob Morton 3 2   12th= 17 Mike Jack 0 1
            12th= 44 Chick Findlay 0 1

Meeting top points scorers

Pos No Name Meetings
1st= 39 Les Clark 9
1st= 81 Bill Pullar 9
3rd  41 Gordon McDougall 7
4th  84 Les Brown 4
5th  94 Vic Russell 3
6th 76 Harry Gillespie 2
7th= 38 Ian Edmiston 1
7th= 44 Chick Findlay 1
7th= 55 Bob Morton 1
7th= 100 George MacMillan Jnr 1

Bill Pullar had beaten Les Clark by 23 points in 76 to take the points championship, Les turned the tables on Bill in 1977 by winning the points by 17 points.


The Open Scottish Superstox Championship (still referred to as Formula 11 on the front of the programme) was dominated by home drivers, filling the first 8 places. In fact the best placing in all races was 4th in the second heat by Mike Holton. Bill Pullar won the championship from Les Clark & Bob Morton.


Vic Russell won the Scottish Superstox Championship, incredibly becoming the first driver ever to win it twice.


In preparation for the British Championship on the 14th August, Gordon McDougall was on his travels again. Starting at the rear due to his World Champion status, Gordon got a 2nd in the Final at Ringwood & a 4th in the Final at Eastbourne.               
In the event Gordon didn't even make it to the start with his new car giving persistent problems, (the problems were eventually fixed a few weeks later by replacing the carburettors!, in fact he went on to win 3 finals in September). Les Clark won the race, Howard Cole collected a creditable 2nd on only his 2nd ever visit to the track, Vic Russell a brilliant 3rd from his dead set last grid position draw.


55 Bob Morton 3rd in 1977 World Championship at Wimbledon (photo J Fyffe)

Bob Morton scored the most successful away result for the season by taking 3rd in the World Superstox Championship at Wimbledon, behind Jim Welch and I believe Allan Cayzer. Bob then went on to win the meeting final.           
This result was something of a shock to the system for the English Superstox drivers. Jim Welch was the visiting driver from the "Boston" promotion driving basically what was a Formula Two Stock Car, he lapped the entire field up to the 2nd placed Allan Cayzer, Allan of course was a recent addition to the Superstox ranks, having been a regular in the Brisca Formula One Stock Cars & then our Scottish representative Bob came 3rd! 



In the Superstox UK Challenge Cup, visiting German drivers outnumbered English drivers 4 to 3. Bill Pullar won the race from Les Clark, highest place English driver was Dave Turner in 5th, Reiner Sangerstoff the highest placed German in 8th. 



    REDS         BLUES   
Pos No Name Pts   Pos No Name Pts
1st 330 Robert Bruce 486   11th 177 John Gilchrist 117
2nd 151 Bob Jones 390   12th 150 Jimmy Blair 110
3rd 241 Charlie Milne 326   13th 235 Jock Robertson 104
4th 144 Fred Selby 319   14th 210 John Grierson 97
5th 46 Keith Jarman 294   15th 146 George Stein 96
6th 131 Gordon Brown 262   16th 166 Bob Sneddon 87
7th 170 Jas Cochrane 147   17th 161 Bill Shortreed 85
8th 214 Jimmy McAlpine 131   18th 120 Jimmy Forrest 74
9th 240 Allan Ross 126   19th 171 Tommy Davidson 56
10th 168 Allan McHattie 122          


Pos No Name Pts
20th 20 Dave Nelson 47
21st 121 John Burns 46
22nd 242 Bob Malone 39
23rd 199 George Chirray 37
24th 88 Pete McVay 34
25th= 134 Joe Gray 26
25th= 219 James Gow 26
27th 155 Bill Gray 16
28th 188 Tony Murphy 15

SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP - 12th JUNE                                  EAST of SCOTLAND CHAMPIONSHIP - 31st JULY

1st 330 Robert Bruce   1st 210 John Grierson
2nd 46 Keith Jarman   2nd 144 Fred Selby
3rd 166 Bob Sneddon   3rd 46 Keith Jarman
4th 170 Jas Cochrane   4th 235 Jock Robertson
5th 240 Allan Ross   5th 88 Pete McVay
6th 121 John Burns   6th 151 Bob Jones
7th 131 Gordon Brown   7th 242 Bob Malone
8th 146 George Stein   8th 146 George Stein

151 "Smiler" Bob Jones (photo J Fyffe)

UK CHALLENGE SHIELD - 25th SEPTEMBER         "COCK of the NORTH" - 30th OCTOBER      

1st 330 Robert Bruce   1st 151 Bob Jones
2nd   NOI   2nd 131 Gordon Brown
3rd   NOI   3rd 120 Jimmy Forrest
4th   NOI   4th 241 Charlie Milne
5th   NOI   5th 168 Allan McHattie
6th   NOI   6th   NOF
7th   NOI   7th   NOF
8th   NOI   8th   NOF


The stats for the most wins in 1977 were as follows:-

Pos No Name Finals Heats   Pos No Name Finals Heats
1st 330 Robert Bruce 10 20   10th= 146 George Stein 1 0
2nd 241 Charlie Milne 5 12   10th= 242 Bob Malone 1 0
3rd 46 Keith Jarman 5 10   12th= 120 Jimmy Forrest 0 2
4th 214 Jimmy McAlpine 3 5   12th= 131 Gordon Brown 0 2
5th 210 John Grierson 3 3   12th= 150 Jimmy Blair 0 2
6th= 144 Fred Selby 2 3   12th= 161 Bill Shortreed 0 2
6th= 151 Bob Jones 2 3   12th= 171 Tommy Davidson 0 2
8th 177 John Gilchrist 2 1   17th= 20 Dave Nelson 0 1
9th 170 Jas Cochrane 2 0   17th= 121 John Burns 0 1

Meeting top points scorers:-

Pos No Name Meetings
1st 330 Robert Bruce 12
2nd=  46 Keith Jarman 5
2nd=  151 Bob Jones 5
4th  214 Jimmy McAlpine 4
5th  241 Charlie Milne 3
6th=  144 Fred Selby 2
6th=  210 John Grierson 2
6th=  131 Gordon Brown 2
9th= 168 Allan McHattie 1
9th= 170 James Cochrane 1
9th= 177 John Gilchrist 1


Charlie Milne was in great form on the lead up to the Scottish Championship having won 3 of the previous 6 finals, Jas Cochrane taking 2 & Keith Jarman 1. He was in the lead in the National Points Championship & in fact had been in the lead in 10 of the 14 meetings so far.

Charlie missed out on making a meaningful defence of his Scottish Championship, largely thanks to the antics of one Pete McVay and lack of any discipline by Spedeworth officials. Pete had decided he didn't appreciate some treatment meted out by Charlie in a previous exchange. So he therefore made strenuous efforts to eliminate him every time he was lapped (which was quite often!). Normally of course this sort of behaviour would result in a black flag, this most certainly would have been the ouutcome if say Robert Bruce had been the recipient of Pete's attentions, however we are talking about Charlie here, and the Spedeworth offficials were not about to do their favourite Saloon "Bad Boy" any favours, in any case I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted any.

Charlie naturally was not going to put up with this behaviour for long, so on the next lap summarily dealt with Pete. The race had to be stopped as Pete made that he had been injured, Robert Bruce being handed the win.

Pete made a miraculous recovery for the championship race, and again tried to eliminate Charlie every time he was lapped. Despite the delaying tactics Charlie made it up to second behind John Burns. Charlie caught John but they tangled and slowed, Pete manoeuvred his car in front of Charlie to stop his progress & Robert Bruce again sailed through for an uncontested win.

The crowd of course loved this, in truth these contretemps are what brings the public back for more. Robert Bruce moved into the lead in the National Points chase as a result of this meeting and was never headed again for the rest of the season.


In the programme for the British Superstox Championship, Gwen happened to mention that young John Gilchrist could be somebody to watch in the Saloon Stocks. Low and behold John went on to win the final. It should be noted that Gwen had an extraordinary ability as a talent spotter, many a novice was spotlighted by Gwen & then went on to bigger & better things.


One of the most memorable events in Scottish Stock Car Racing took place on the 25th September & arguably was responsible for shaping one of Stock Car Racings major formulae.               
Spedeworth Scotland staged their first international Saloon Stock race - the UK Challenge Shield. Johnny Davidson had taken part in the British Saloon Stock Championship at Wimbledon in 1971 and had in fact attained 7th position.               
Jack Keeton, Davey Philip, Johnny Davidson, Dougie Farrer, Fraser Dunlop & William Plank had also raced in England as far back as 1973, however as the English specs differed, these visits were curtailed.               
The promotion had been under pressure for some time by parent organisation Spedeworth International to adopt their Saloon Stock specifications. There were obvious promotional opportunities, plus the ability for drivers to race away at international events. So as a pre-cursor to changing to the English specs this meeting was duly arranged.               
The meeting itself turned out to be complete mayhem. It was essentially a banger race but with Saloon Stock cars.               
Racing commentator John Kelly really hated it and described the meeting as "one to forget". I should point out that John, unusually for a Stock Car race commentator didn't approve of Stock Car tactics!,               
John was in the complete minority though, even promoter Roy Cecil described the meeting as entertaining in the drivers newsletter.               
The fans of course thought it was brilliant, a massive crowd turned up for the meeting, and some of Cowdenbeath's all time record attendances occurred at future Saloon Stock Internationals.               
Back to the UK Challenge Shield - 21 cars started the event including 6 top English drivers. Bob Jones survived the carnage to collect his first big win. Bob went on to collect many more big wins and would certainly be  a major contender as Scotland's greatest ever Saloon Stock driver.               
After the event promoter Roy Cecil stated that "there will be no more Saloon Stock internationals between the countries and that plans to switch to the 2700cc Saloons would probably be abandoned"               
Roy I think mistakenly believed that English Saloon Stock drivers behaved like this all the time!, whereas the Saloon Stock racing in England was much the same as Scotland. (albeit with slower cars!)               
For the first part of Roy's statement the internationals were not abandoned, however the second part did eventuate the English Saloon Stock regs were not taken up. This meeting though did open up the door for Scottish drivers to take part in major English meetings & when marauders such as Robert Bruce (quite fitting really), Keith Jarman & Bob Jones started winning high rated races from the back of 45 car fields in England. It was only a matter of time before Spedeworth International adopted the Scottish specs which over time morphed into the 2 litre Saloon Stocks formula we see today.               
The modern day 2 litre Saloon Stock to my mind though is not as edgy as these late 70,s early 80's Saloons. The hits today if anything are bigger, so what is it? The cars are definitely far more stable and hugely stronger - but something is missing, maybe that is it, they are too planted and stable.               
Unfortunately they also don't look much like any saloon which grace our roads, any faint resemblance they do have is to vehicles that have been obsolete for decades.


Terry Carrington's "fire breathing" Daimler (photo knockhillimages.smugmug.com)

 One other incident from the meeting is remembered and it occurred in the bangers. Terry Carrington came out with what ostensibly looked like a beautiful Daimler Limousine, after crashing into the fence however the vehicle caught fire, and developed into one of the most spectacular blazes seen to that date at Cowdenbeath. Ace track photographer Jim Fyffe caught the action as Terry jumped from his car to safety. It is a photograph which has been used by many publications.

At the Banger King event on the 16th October Terry's Daimler again appeared & managed to catch fire again - TWICE!


Keith Jarman showed a glimpse of what was in store for 1978 by winning the last 4 finals of the season. 


Robert Bruce produced remarkable consistency to win the Scottish Championship Points for the third successive, year a magnificent achievement. To mark this, the points championship shield was given to Robert to keep. (The shield was also now full!). A new larger shield was commissioned for 1978, though all the previous winners were still recorded on it.               
This was a remarkable achievement which Bob went on to even better, yet another guaranteeing a nomination for Scotland's greatest ever Saloon Stock driver.




    REDS          BLUES  
Pos No Name Pts   Pos No Name Pts
1st 106 Hamish Buchanan 380   5th 196 Kenny Ireland 190
2nd 162 Malcolm Chesher 276   6th 244 Jimmy Low 183
3rd 140 Graham Wait 216   7th 191 John Buchanan 173
4th 64 Les Kay 194   8th 222 Fraser Dunlop 163


Pos No Name Pts
9th 293 Ian Cook 88
10th 33 Bob Carnegie 80
11th 102 Ronnie Burns 77
12th 127 Alex Grant 52


1st 106 Hamish Buchanan   1st 196 Kenny Ireland
2nd 196 Kenny Ireland   2nd 106 Hamish Buchanan
3rd 244 Jimmy Low   3rd 191 John Buchanan
4th 75 Bill Crawford   4th 222 Fraser Dunlop
5th 33 Bob Carnegie   5th 162 Malcolm Chesher
6th 102 Ronnie Burns   6th 244 Jimmy Low

Hamish Buchanan's very tidy 1977 Hot Rod (photo J Fyffe)


1st E351 Barry Lee   1st 222 Fraser Dunlop
2nd E19 Mick Collard   2nd   NOI
3rd 106 Hamish Buchanan   3rd   NOI
4th 191 John Buchanan   4th   NOI
5th 64 Les Kay   5th   NOI
6th 196 Kenny Ireland   6th   NOI

The race winners for 1977 were as follows:-

Note a number of meetings featured 2 Hot Rod races only - these have been classified as heats.

Pos No Name Finals Heats   Pos No Name Finals Heats
1st 106 Hamish Buchanan 8 10   8th E19 Mick Collard 1 0
2nd 196 Kenny Ireland 5 9   9th E351 Barry Lee 1 0
3rd 64 Les Kay 4 6   10th 102 Ronnie Burns 0 8
4th 140 Graham Wait 3 13   11th 191 John Buchanan 0 5
5th 162 Malcolm Chesher 3 5   12th 127 Alex Grant 0 2
6th 222 Fraser Dunlop 3 5   13th 50 Craig Bruce 0 1
7th 293 Ian Cook 1 1            

A great season for Hamish Buchanan, but there were a few up and downs, these were the remnants of a clash with Graham Wait (photo knockhillimages.smugmug.com)

Meeting top points scorers:-

Pos No Name Meetings
1st 140 Graham Wait 6
2nd=  64 Les Kay 5
2nd=  162 Malcolm Chesher 5
4th=  106 Hamish Buchanan 4
4th=  196 Kenny Ireland 3
4th=  222 Fraser Dunlop 2
7th  102 Ronnie Burns 2
8th=  E19 Mick Collard 2
8th=  127 Alex Grant 1
8th=  191 John Buchanan 1
8th=  293 Ian Cook 1


Another very tidy Hot Rod, this time from Fraser Dunlop (photo J Fyffe)

Ex Saloon Stock star drivers Fraser Dunlop & Jimmy Low commenced their endeavours in Hot Rods in fine style. Fraser ended the first points period in second place behind Hamish Buchanan & Jimmy headed the blue grade drivers. Fraser in particular went from strength to strength during the season & managed to qualify as one of Scotland's representatives in the World Championship in July finishing a creditable 7th despite a rear of grid draw position.


Hamish Buchanan won the Scottish Hot Rod Championship, his main opposition being Kenny Ireland. Kenny had won both qualifying heats, and got into an early lead in the Championship race itself. Hamish caught up with Kenny and they ran neck & neck for several laps, before Hamish edged ahead and finished around 30 metres ahead at the flag. Hamish's car failed to restart for his lap of honour, so he ran the quarter mile with the flag. Now this wasn't the first or the last time someone has had to do this, but the 6000 fans gave Hamish a rousing reception, making it a very memorable event.


The Open Scottish Hot Rod Championship turned into an epic battle between World Champ Barry Lee and Duffy Collard. They were both drawn on the front row of the grid, but that did not lessen the excitement of the dice for the entire race. With nothing between them, Barry held on for a well deserved win, Duffy second and Hamish Buchanan a half lap distant 3rd. Duffy got some revenge by taking the meeting final.                
International Hot Rod Racing really packed in the crowds at Cowdenbeath. 7000 turned up for this meeting. To put that in some sort of Stock Car Racing perspective, 7000 fans attended the Formula One Stock Car World Final at Ipswich in 2008 (according to the BBC website).